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About Washington ACEP (WA ACEP)

WA ACEP is your professional organization and leading advocate for emergency medicine in Washington State. WA ACEP is a democratic organization of 700 members with an elected Board of Directors representing the full range of emergency medicine services, employment, and practice settings. 

WA ACEP engages in frequent dialogue with the general public, media, healthcare organizations, and local and state government agencies about the roles and value of emergency medicine in a rapidly evolving healthcare environment. 

WA ACEP is Your Voice...

...In the Washington State House of Medicine. A WA ACEP delegate represents you in the Washington State Medical Association - throughout the year at its Interspecialty Council meetings and annually at the House of Delegates meeting.

...In State Agencies. WA ACEP members represent you in a number of state agencies and organizations, including the Emergency Medicine Services and Trauma Care Steering Commission.

...In the Media. WA ACEP members serve in the national Spokesperson Network and frequently interact with local and national media.

...In Olympia. Through its Legislative Affairs Committee, WA ACEP represents you and your interests in Olympia. WA ACEP seeks to connect and engage emergency physicians and the emergency medicine community to protect and care for your patients, your workplace, and your profession.

...In the American College of Emergency Physicians. WA ACEP Councillors represent you at the annual national Council Meeting and the Leadership and Advocacy Conference where national legislative issues and organizational policies are instituted. WA ACEP members also represent you on a number of ACEP committees and task forces.

CME & Educational Programs

WA ACEP hosts two educational meetings each year, the Summit to Sound Northwest Emergency Medicine Assembly (S2S NEMA) and the ED Leadership Summit. The S2S NEMA continues to grow in size and reputation, and features interactive workshops, a State Journal Club, a poster exhibit of interesting cases and clinical research, and didactic presentations by local and nationally acclaimed speakers. The ED Leadership Summit provides a forum during which state ED leaders learn about and discuss current educational, management, and clinical practice issues. Finally, WA ACEP co-sponsors the annual 21-hour CME conference, "Current Concepts in Emergency Care", in Maui, Hawaii. 

Member Communications

WA ACEP members receive a quarterly electronic newsletter packed with state and national news. Additionally, members can utilize a number of resources through the WA ACEP website, www.washingtonacep.org.

Join WA/ACEP Today...

For more information, please contact us at 206-956-3648 or by e-mail at plp@wsma.org

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