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Who is California ACEP?

Founded in 1971, California Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians (California ACEP) represents some 2,800 emergency physicians in California. California ACEP members are board-certified emergency physicians who practice in a wide array of emergency departments across the state.

California ACEP has an elected 15-19 member Board of Directors that serves chapter members through policy making and advocacy on behalf of emergency physicians and California's patients. The Board of Directors is assisted by staff from the Sacramento office. Each year California ACEP sponsors legislation and monitors bills of interest to emergency physicians and patients.


California ACEP's mission is to support emergency physicians in providing the highest quality of care to all patients and to their communities.

California ACEP's vision is that all people in California have timely access to high-quality emergency care, which is recognized as an essential public service. The emergency physician is the recognized leader and coordinator of a healthcare team capable of a comprehensive response to the medical needs of our patients and community. We promote and protect the personal and practice rights, safety, wellness and longevity of emergency physicians.

Advocacy Efforts  

California ACEP advocates for emergency medicine in the legislative, legal, regulatory and political arenas. Each year California ACEP sponsors legislation, lobbies members of the California legislature, conducts emergency department tours, participates in legal cases, and lobbies and advises regulatory agencies.

Historical achievements range from California EMTALA standards to seat belt laws to the establishment of Maddy Emergency Medical Services Fund - the only source of reimbursement emergency physicians in California receive for treating the uninsured.

In 2014, California ACEP worked as part of a coalition to defend the state's landmark medical liability law - Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA). The coalition successfully defeated Proposition 46 by a margin of 33.2% to 66.8%, the only ballot measure to lose in every county across the state.

In addition to our electoral victories, California ACEP had a number of legislative victories in 2014. California ACEP successfully defeated a ban on balance billing for Department of Insurance regulated plans, amended a bill that would have expanded charity care to include individuals with high deductible plans, and supported a bill that increases access to epinephrine auto injectors in schools.

California ACEP's regulatory victories in 2014 included protecting our practice environment. For example, California ACEP worked with the Medical Board of California to include a section tailored to treatment of pain in the ED in the newest version of the Medical Board's Pain Management Guidelines.

California ACEP committees help implement and advance the Chapter's strategic plan, mission, and vision. Please consider participating in one of the following committees:

  • Government Affairs Committee
  • Member Services Committee
  • Practice Management Committee
  • Reimbursement Committee

California ACEP Events  

California ACEP's two main events are the Legislative Leadership Conference, where members lobby state legislators about issues important to emergency physicians, and the Annual Assembly, a one day conference featuring clinical and practice management lectures by renowned speakers, member awards, and networking opportunities.

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