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Editor’s Notes - December 2015

Brian Sharp, MD, FACEP

It was great seeing everybody at ACEP’s Scientific Assembly in Boston, MA. The QIPS section meeting was well attended and packed with several great presentations including:

  • Bobby Turelli, MD, FACEP and QIPS Immediate Past Chair, recognized the past chairs of the QIPS section whose work has led to QIPS being such a strong section today
  • Arjun Venketash, MD, MBA, MHS delivered the keynote speech, highlighting the different ways that quality measures are being implemented. Beyond the expected sources (CMS etc.), make sure to check out your ED’s Yelp review—it can make for quite the interesting read.
  • David Meyers, MD FACEP, delivered a presentation that provided highlights of the recent IOM report on Diagnostic Error.
  • This year’s ACEP QIPS Resident Quality and Safety Award went to Joshua Zimmerman MD, Colin McCloskey MD, and Kory Gebhardt MD from Northwestern University for their quality improvement project targeting improvement of sepsis screening in their ED. Congrats to the three of you on your outstanding work and your award.

Our QIPS leadership team is committed to making this year high yield for the section membership. We will be bringing you the highlights of important quality work being done on both national and local levels through all section webinars as well as our quarterly newsletters. Our first all section webinar is tentatively planned for January 19th when Robert Furno, MD, MPH, MBA, FACEP, Chief Medical Officer for the Upper Midwest Region of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), will be sharing his insight into the recently implemented CMS sepsis quality measure. The QIPS newsletter continues to be an effective vehicle to highlight our section members’ outstanding work and enable us to learn from each other’s solutions to the issues that we all face—please consider submitting articles for future newsletters.
The first newsletter since returning from Boston includes outstanding contributions from:

  • Jeff Pothof, MD FACEP, our new section chair who previews upcoming year for QIPS and quality in Emergency Medicine
  • David L. Meyers, MD, FACEP gives insight into some of the outstanding work done in the IOM’s recent report on diagnostic error. With first of a two part series, he introduces the report’s key themes as well as the conceptual model used to approach this important topic. In the second portion of the article, he will walk us through their 8 subsequent recommendations.
  • David P. John, MD, FACEP, one of the founding members of QIPS, recaps his presentation at the section meeting at Scientific Assembly and shares his thoughts on the history of QIPS, and how this section started to become what it is today
  • Sara Damewood, MD, ACEP's Ultrasound Section Ultrasound Simulation Subcommittee Chair, describes a successful approach to achieving an improvement in faculty credentialing of bedside ultrasonography in the ED
  • Michael Lohmeier, MD and Vanessa Tamas, MD tell us about some exciting work that they are doing to improve the recognition of actively seizing pediatric patients transported by EMS.
  • Joshua Zimmerman MD, Colin McCloseky MD, and Kory Gebhardt MD share their work towards improving sepsis screening that resulted in this year’s ACEP QIPS Resident Quality and Safety Award


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