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Chair’s Letter - December 2015

Jeffrey Pothof MD, FACEP

Jeff PothofI wanted to say thanks to all of you who attended the section meeting this year in Boston. The presentations were remarkable, and the food was exceptional. Congratulations to Dr. Farmer who was elected Chair-Elect of the section, Dr. Sharp who was elected to be our Secretary and Newsletter Editor, and Dr. Mendoza who was elected our Website Editor. We have a great leadership team going into this year, and it’s exciting to think about what the section will accomplish.

I also want to thank our support staff Stacie Jones and Dainsworth Chambers for keeping us all organized and making the boat float. I’d like to extend a special welcome to Alexis Amankwanor, the newest member of our team. Alexis played a big role in ensuring our annual meeting went off without a hitch. Finally, big thanks to Dr. Turelli, who led us through this past year as chair of the section.

The next year will prove to be a busy time for our section. We have already begun planning our first of four webinars. In January I hope to find all of you on the conference line as we hear from the CMS Region 5 Medical Director on the new sepsis measure that has significant applicability to Emergency Medicine. Dr. Robert Furno is a practicing emergency physician and ACEP member who will be able to shed some light on this new measure.

The leadership team has already begun work on our section grant “How to Choose Wisely – An Educational Campaign” where we, in conjunction with Consumer Reports will develop educational materials not just for patients, but also for ED physicians to facilitate difficult conversations with patients and sometimes parents when less really is more. Please be on the lookout for surveys seeking input from our section members during this process. My goal is to showcase our work to all of you at next year’s Scientific Assembly in Las Vegas.

QIPS is also ready to partner with other leaders in the college on the recent Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation’s Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative, especially as it applies to increasing awareness and utilization of our 10 Choosing Wisely measures.

Emergency medicine faces many other issues that we hope to address over the next year. This includes early identification of patients with sepsis in our emergency departments by harnessing our electronic health record, appropriate use of indwelling urinary catheters to reduce the risk of CAUTIs, opiate use and prescribing, and safer and more reliable airway management.

It’s an exciting time in medicine when you have a passion for quality and safety. I hope all of you feel free to share those things that are working in your emergency departments with us so we can all benefit from the work we are doing as a collective. I’d like to hear from any of you that have made significant or innovative advances in the quality of care you deliver or in ensuring your emergency department is a safe place for patients to come. Contact me via email at anytime.

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