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Letter From the Chair

TurelliRobert “Bobby” Turelli, MD, MA
Clinical Instructor Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Director of CHI+CARE Initiative (Connecting HIV+ Patients with Community Care and Reliable Engagement)

It has been an eventful past few months for our Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Section since our annual meeting at ACEP14 in Chicago. Through a continued tradition from our Immediate Past Chair, Dr. Beach, the section has experienced great strides in quality improvement. Of particular importance to highlight is the recently awarded QIPS section grant, "How to Choose Wisely – An Educational Campaign" thanks to the efforts of our chair-elect Jeffrey Pothof, MD. The QIPS Section Grant received approval from the ACEP Board of Directors at its June meeting in Dallas and is aimed at increasing awareness of ACEP’s “Choosing Wisely” initiatives. The grant initiative follows a long legacy of successful grant submissions by the members of the QIPS section.

In an effort to disseminate the 10 Choosing Wisely measures adopted by ACEP to both patients and EM providers, the section applied for this grant with the goal of focusing on the education and implementation of these measures. The QIPS section plans to emphasize and highlight two of the most encountered “Choosing Wisely” initiatives in both print and video format, with the overall goal of informing the public and our ED patient population of these important quality improvement efforts with the funds awarded by this ACEP grant. We all look forward to the benefits this award brings to our fellow colleagues and patients.

In additional news, on September 22nd, 2015, the QIPS section will be hosting an all section-member webinar, with Dr. Daniel Ross, Field Director for Ambulatory Programs in the Division of Accreditation Certification Operations at The Joint Commission. In this role, he oversees the management, development and field operations for the 40+ surveyors who specialize in surveying The Joint Commission’s standards in the Ambulatory Care and Office Based Surgery Manuals.

During this webinar, we plan to explore with the Joint Commission surveyors what exactly is found when JCO surveys emergency departments across the country, that bring significant challenges to our medical and quality directors. Dr. Ross, who is also an emergency medicine physician, will help to facilitate a discussion of what problems are most often encountered in U.S. Emergency Departments and the multitude of ways an ED can strive to improve upon and obtain solutions to these issue.

Our Joint Commission surveyor will also share with you the successful efforts of what the leading emergency departments in the country are doing in order to avoid any citations and provide high quality and safe care to all of their patients. During this interactive session, we hope to provide you with best practices to ensure a successful and uneventful site survey by JCO.

Planning for ACEP15 is in full force with the focus this year: "Honoring a Decade of QIPS Quality Leaders." Past and Present section leaders will be recognized for their previous and current leadership efforts. During our annual meeting in October, we plan on highlighting some of the various accomplishments of our previous leaders and discussing their past and present achievements.

Lastly, I would like to remind our members that our annual QIPS Resident Quality & Patient Safety Award will be presented to a resident(s) at ACEP15. Recipient(s) of this award will receive a free 1-year QIPS membership, publication in the QIPS Newsletter, and recognition at ACEP15 in Boston, MA. Projects will be judged on their overall importance, innovation, and applicability to the practice of Emergency Medicine practice and patient service.


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