EMS for Children

EMS for Children

The nationwide effort to reduce child and youth mortality and morbidity due to severe illness or trauma is a major concern to ACEP, a member of the EMS Partnership for Children Stakeholder Group. The Stakeholder Group, initiated by the Health Resources and Services Administration's Maternal and Child Health Bureau, is designed to ensure children across the nation receive timely, appropriate emergency care.

This section of the website outlines ACEP's participation in EMSC initiatives. It includes: a brief description about the Stakeholder Group; resources develop and goals achieved by ACEP on behalf of the group; and a description of the federal EMSC Program. Links to other resources related to the emergency medical care of children are also available through the official EMSC's Web site.

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Early EMS systems were designed to provide rapid intervention for sudden cardiac arrest in adults and rapid transport for motor vehicle crash victims. The specialized care that children require was often overlooked. Pediatricians and pediatric surgeons, identifying poor outcomes among children receiving emergency medi

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