Chapter Services

Chapter Services offers a wide range of services and resources to help ACEP chapters and their leaders maximize their effectiveness. This support includes financial assistance available through grants and stipends, as well as tools designed to enhance chapter management practices and strengthen chapter operations. Through the Chapter Services office, chapters also have free access to a number of highly beneficial resources, including membership marketing materials, an electronic chapter newsletter service, and the national leader visit program.

If you are new to chapter leadership or if it’s been a while since you checked out all the services that are available to chapters, we encourage you to review the materials in this section of the web site and feel free to contact us if you have any question. If we can assist you in any way, please contact Maude S. Hancock


ACEP Chapter Portal

Audio Recording (MP3) of the Chapter Executives Meeting

Held Sunday, May 15, 2016 at the Leadership and Advocacy Conference in Washington, DC

Marketing for Chapter Educational Meetings

Because education opportunities are an important member benefit, National ACEP has embarked on a program in collaboration with the chapters to enhance the electronic promotion of chapter educational meetings. Find out about all the options.

Highlighted Chapter Resources

Resource Page for Chapter Officers

Are you a new chapter officer and would like more information about running a chapter? Even if you have been an officer for a year or two, there is helpful information. You will also find a list of chapter mentors by small, medium and large chapters. When you click on the link above, it will take you to a page where you need to log-in using your membership information.

Membership 101 FAQs (PDF)  

- 2/26/2015  

For some of you the following information will be routine, something you already know. For others, it may be helpful. So just a few pointers...

- 2/26/2015  

A waiver of dues is available as an interim member benefit allowing a member to retain membership in their current member class during a temporary but significant financial hardship. These guidelines are intended to further define and provide guidance for approval of dues waivers by the ACEP Board of Directors.

These guidelines further define and provide guidance for approval of inactive membership.

As an added service to our chapters, we have set-up a calendar of chapter meetings. Your meetings that offer CME are listed on ACEP's Master Calendar, but regular chapter meetings or Board meetings are not listed. We will not add conferences calls, but we are happy to add any new chapter meetings that you have. Please contact Maude S. Hancock if you have any questions.

- 7/15/2013  

ACEP National provides a variety of services to state chapters. Find out all the services available to your chapter at a glance.

The Chapter and State Relations Department offers a state legislative tracking service that chapters can utilize free of charge. ACEP uses the service to search for state legislation that contains any of several key words related to high priority issues facing EM.

For chapters that might be interested in utilizing ACEP's new quarterly chapter e-newsletter service, the attached sample newsletter will give you an idea of how the service will work and what your e-newsletter will look like.

The purpose of the All Chapter Audio Conference call is to provide an opportunity for chapters to discuss topics important to them.

- 7/11/2013  

The Chapter Leader Visit Program was established by the Board of Directors to increase communication and interaction between national ACEP and its 53 chapters. Its purpose is to provide an opportunity for chapter leaders and members and national leaders to interact and discuss issues of importance to both.

- 11/1/2013  

30 Tips for Retaining Members / Ideas for Chapter Membership / EM Futures: Engaging Members, Developing Leaders

- 2/13/2013  

The College provides a number of services to its 53 chapters, as well as some services that are free to the chapters.

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