October 18, 2023

HackED! ’23 – The Future of EM Innovation is Bright

Amidst last-second changes and all-night coding sessions, ten teams converged in Philadelphia. After three days of incredible commitment and innovation, we crowned two top prizes and two physician’s choice awards!


ACEP HackED! is our new annual competition designed to help inspire the next generation of innovators to build the solutions EM needs. In partnership with the Emergency Medicine Innovation Collaborative, Stanford University’s StEMI X Innovators, and ACEP's Health IT Committee, HackED! is igniting creativity and driving lasting impacts to EM.

This year’s HackED! featured two tracks: the Innovation Challenge and the Hackathon. Teams formed in August and began accelerating their innovations up to the 3-day, live event during Scientific Assembly 2023 in Philadelphia.


Track 1: Innovation Challenge

Teams built a pitch deck on a solution answering the questions “How might we improve acute care in terms of experience, outcomes, or cost?”


  • Top prize – EXG
  • Physician’s Choice – Humanistic Charting Tool

Track 2: Hackathon

Teams coded a working demo for a novel Hospital/ED at home solution.


  • Top prize – AutoPAuth
  • Physician’s Choice – Harvard Home Health

Top prize winners in each track took home $5,000 courtesy of our wonderful sponsors (see our HackED! website).


The HackED! journey is just beginning. The 2024 competition promises to be bigger and better. In the meantime, all our Design Speaker Series webinars will be available for free on our webpage, along with the pitch decks from our winning teams. 

Visit HackED! for more details. Stay tuned for an upcoming article that takes a closer look into the winners of HackED! 2023.