September 18, 2019

CEDR turns 5 this year!

As we all head toward ACEP19, I would like to remind our readers that CEDR turns 5 this year!

It is a watershed year to envision CEDR as a part of the longer-term digital transformation of emergency medicine itself. On a more down-to-earth level, momentous significant influx of participant groups continues into the CEDR network. This has been accompanied by commensurate increases in ACEP-dedicated staff and work in the whole range of CEDR from a variety of perspectives- marketing, onboarding, contracting, implementation, and evaluation.

This issue highlights a number of ongoing CEDR themes and updates from the CEDR team staff and leadership: continuing growth and issues of operations, ongoing measure updates and changes, strategic planning and visioning.

  • Abhi Mehrotra, CEDR Committee Chair stresses the theme of CEDR’s value and growth.
  • James Augustine, ACEP Board Liaison, speaks to a series of high-level gatherings and the future of emergency medicine built on the foundation of CEDR.
  • Nalani Tarrant, Director of Quality Collaboratives, Data & Quality Measures updates us on current listing of 2019 measures and 2020 measure developments as well as a summary of E-QUAL accomplishments.
  • Bill Malcolm, CEDR Operations Manager updates a wide range of issues - robust growth, FIgmd changes to the dashboard, proposed CMS final rule, and MIPS score changes.
  • Pawan Goyal, Associate Executive Director, Quality Division, stresses in his commentary that ACEP continues to lead the digital transformation of Emergency Care through its data driven quality improvement initiatives.
  • Don Lum, Outreach Sub-committee Chair, reviews accomplishment of 2018-19 objectives including participant group experience survey and service improvement plan.

As always, please reach out to us with any comments, concerns, requests for further information/resources or feedback.

See you at ACEP19!