September 27, 2019

A Story of Growth: Membership, Services, and Organizational

Welcome to the Fall 2019 CEDR newsletter. The member leaders of the CEDR Steering Committee and the staff at ACEP have been hard at work on many fronts to ensure that CEDR provides value to ACEP members. One theme that ties all the efforts together is: growth.

Membership Growth

The number of groups and emergency physicians participating in CEDR continues to expand. We continue to build capacity for managing the membership growth – anticipating continued interest – while maintaining quality of services.

Services Growth

Coordinating with E-QUAL (the Emergency Quality Network) has allowed for sharing of learnings in a collaborative environment while also seeking practice transformation with evidence-based improvements.

Engaging with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) – CEDR staff and physician leadership now participate in quarterly in-person meetings with the measurement leads at CMS in order to represent concerns by our members and seek direct guidance on our measure development process.

Working to enhance our available measures for submission to CMS by re-imagining the quality measure development and testing process. This will allow for new measure concepts to be tested and developed in coordination with the Quality & Patient Safety Committee. In addition, we have worked closely with other Emergency Medicine QCDRs to harmonize our measures for CMS reporting.

Organizational Growth

As highlighted in Dr. Augustine’s and Dr. Goyal’s articles, CEDR leadership is actively engaging in the digital transformation of our data management and analysis. Both the ACEP and EMF Data Summit and the Health IT Summit underscore the need for CEDR to look beyond the initial role of quality measure submission/reporting.

At ACEP19, CEDR leadership will be convening a Quality Measures Consortium to bring together Emergency Medicine parties that develop and submit quality measures in order to develop a shared understand and common approach.

As you can see, the collaboration of our staff and volunteer members working closely brings significant value to our members. Please do contact us if you have issues or wish to participate as a member. Thank you!