Frequently Asked Questions

What is CEDR?

Developed by ACEP, the Clinical Emergency Data Registry (CEDR) is the first Emergency Medicine specialty-wide registry to measure acute care quality, outcomes, practice patterns, and trends in emergency care. The CEDR registry ensures that emergency physicians, rather than other parties, are identifying what practices work best for them.

What are the benefits of participating in CEDR?

  • Protection of revenue and ability to gain a bonus.
  • MACRA/MIPS compliance.
  • Establish national benchmarks for EM-specific quality measures.
  • Assists you with easily fulfilling ABEM MOC Part IV (American Board of Emergency Medicine Maintenance of Certification) requirements.
  • Facilitate appropriate emergency care research.
  • Present/Future - Quality reporting is data driven

How do I access my Dashboard?

  • Click Your CEDR Dashboard at the top of this page ↑ to proceed.
  • After you click on the CEDR Dashboard Icon it will take you to the login page where you can login with your ACEP ID and Password.

How are the performance categories scored?

What is Quality Performance Category Scoring?

For the 2021 performance period

  • The weight of the Quality performance category is 40% of your MIPS final score.
  • Quality measures that can be scored against a benchmark will receive between 3 and 10 points as measure achievement points.
  • Quality measures that are not benchmarked by CMS, or do not meet the case minimum (e.g., a denominator of 20), will receive 3 points if data completes is ≥ 70% and if all payers for the reporting period are captured.

What does the onboarding and implementation process for CEDR look like?

  1. Complete the CEDR Interest Form
  2. Once contacted by a CEDR Specialist, an onboarding form will be sent to gather additional preliminary information.
  3. Initiate the Contracting Process (this includes a Business Agreement, Clinical Participation Agreement, Billing Vendor Agreement and/or Hospital Contract Agreement).
  4. Proceed to technical implementation and meet with your CEDR Account Lead. Your CEDR account lead will guide you through the selection of a data extraction method (Pull, Push, or FHIR) and data communication and mapping process.
  5. Review sample data and provide feedback.
  6. Run Query on Quality Payment Program Measures for extracted data.
  7. Dashboard delivery and review.
  8. Ongoing refresh and review of dashboard enhancements.

What is the cost of CEDR participation?

  • A standard data processing fee is applied based on the annual visits for each ED.
  • Annual Clinician Fee is incurred for each participating clinician (including advanced practice/ midlevel clinicians). This fee is waived if a clinician is or becomes an ACEP member, a clinician group qualifies for 100% club membership, or if advanced practice/midlevel clinicians are members of associated organizations (i.e.: SEMPA) for advanced practice/midlevel providers.
  • Additional information regarding the cost of CEDR participation will be provided during the onboarding process, however to learn more, please contact us

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