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Geriatric Videos

These videos were created by ACEP’s Academic Affairs Committee in collaboration with SAEM’s Academy of Geriatric Emergency Medicine, and are designed to be helpful for all attending physicians to recognize some of the unique circumstances of geriatric care in the ED.



Topics and presenters include:

Scott T. Wilber, MD, FACEP Introduction and general assessment of the elder patient
Rob S. Anderson, MD Physiological changes in aging
Tracy Sanson, MD, FACEP Delirium, altered mental status
Christopher R. Carpenter, MD, FACEP Falls, trauma issues
Jonathan A. Edlow, MD, FACEP The dizzy elderly patient
Diane Birnbaumer, MD, FACEP Abdominal pain in the elderly
Jeffrey M. Caterino, MD, FACEP Infectious diseases
Preeti Jois, MD, FACEP Chest pain, dyspnea
Mark Rosenberg, DO, FACEP End-of-life, ethical issues
Kennon Heard, MD, FACEP Pharmacology, polypharmacy/medication/drug interactions
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