Tornados and Floods - Summer 2019

When tragedies occur, members, non-members and other organizations frequently contact ACEP to determine what role or action ACEP is taking to provide relief or coordinate assistance.

ACEP is a non-profit, professional medical association that is the leading advocate for emergency physicians, their patients and the public.
ACEP is not a disaster relief organization and does not coordinate physician relief efforts.

However, we do offer guidance for health care professionals interested in assisting disaster medical response.

ACEP Resources

Disaster Resources

Policy Statement: Unsolicited Medical Personnel Volunteering at Disaster Scenes

Toolkit: Disaster Planning for the Elderly & Special Needs

Info Paper: Disaster Planning for Persons with Access & Functional Needs

Regional Resources

Florida Emergency Management

Florida Highway Patrol

Florida Medical Association

Florida ACEP

Florida Hospital Association

Florida Department of Transportation

Florida National Guard

Florida DMAT

National & Global Resources

National Weather Service

Baptist Men Disaster Relief Organization

Corps of Engineers Flood Risk Management


FEMA Flood Maps

Flooding Preparedness and Response 

Hospital Disaster Preparedness Assessment Tool

Hospital Flood Preparedness

Red Cross

Salvation Army Disaster Relief

Tornado Preparedness and Response

Water-borne Disease

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