Blood Clots

ACEP (through an educational grant from Bristol Myers Squibb) is providing UNBRANDED resources to patients with newly diagnosed VTE/PE. The program, Know Blood Clots, provides text messages to connect patients to video-based education that discusses the importance of taking medication and getting follow-up care. No product name is mentioned or implied.

If you have questions, email ACEP Director of Practice Management, Sandra Schneider.

For your convenience, a smart phrase (dot phrase) has been created and can be copied and pasted into your electronic health record system, then added to the discharge paperwork, which will provide your patients with this information: 

You have been diagnosed with a blood clot. You and your family/caretakers will likely have a lot of questions over the next few weeks. There is a program that that might help. It provides text messages to connect you to videos and other education. In addition the messages will remind you to make a doctor’s appointment and get your medicine. Please go to or text CLOTWEB to 412-652-3744. Normal text message charges may apply.


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