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ACEP is an active force in Washington, DC, working on important issues that affect emergency medical care. ACEP's federal advocacy efforts revolve around one thing: ensuring that life-saving emergency care is there when it's needed nationwide.

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ACEP Letter in support of the Synthetic Drug Control Act
September 16, 2015

ACEP Letter of Support for S.1450, 'Department of Veterans Affairs Emergency Medical Staffing Recruitment and Retention Act' 8-25-15
August 25, 2015

ACEP Letter of Support for H.R. 2366, the 'Field EMS Modernization and Innovation Act'
August 19, 2015

ACEP Letter of Support for S. 1450, the 'Department of Veterans Affairs Emergency Medical Staffing Recruitment and Retention Act.'
August 7, 2015

ACEP Letter of Support for H.R. 2702, the 'Safety Through Informed Consumers (STICRS) Act.'
August 7, 2015

ACEP Letter in Support of S. 1648, the 'Rural Emergency Acute Care Hospital (REACH) Act.'
August 7, 2015

ACEP Letter in Support of Airplane Kids in Transit Safety Act (KITS) of 2015
July 31, 2015

ACEP & SAEM Approps Request for Restoration of AHRQ Funding
July 16, 2015

Chronic Care Working Group Comment Letter 
June 25, 2015

ACEP HR 2646 Support Letter - Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act of 2015
June 12, 2015

Request to GAO for ACA Impact on the ED Study
June 3, 2015

6th Annual Specialty Physician & Dentist Candidate Workshop
Candidate Workshop AgendaCandidate Workshop Confirmation Form, &
Candidate Workshop Hotel Reservation Form
May 21, 2015

United States Senate Committee on Finance: Audit and Appeals Issues in Medicare
May 1, 2015

ACEP Shares AHA Report on Value of EM
March 31, 2015
This AHA report describes the invaluable role of emergency physicians and concludes with a description of the funding challenges. Please share with key leaders and policymakers.

AMA Sign-On Letter to Speaker BoehnerSGR One Page Summary
SGR Working SummaryHR 2 (MACRA) Section-by-Section,
SGR Reform Section-by-Section
March 26, 2015

SGR Repeal and Medicare Provider Payment Modernization Act of 2015 &
Timeline of 2015 SGR Replacement Act
March 20, 2015

ACEP Trauma Legislation Support:
ACEP HR 647 Support Letter & ACEP HR 648 Support Letter
February 11, 2015

House Approves Package of Bills Related to Human Trafficking
January 30, 2015

Trauma Coalition Testimony for Energy & Commerce Subcommittee Hearing
January 30, 2015

Congressional Research Service (CRS) Report on Hospital-Based Emergency Departments
January 29, 2015

ACEP GME Comment Letter to House Committee on Energy and Commerce
January 16, 2015

Emergency Care and HPP Support Letter &
Joint Statement from ENA and ACEP on Ebola Outbreak Response
November 12, 2014

ACEP VA Prompt Pay Support Letter
July 23, 2014     

2015 Legislative Advocacy Conference and Leadership Summit (LACLS)     

2015 LACLS Visit Report

113th Congress Legislative Activity     

ACEP HR 3717 Support Letter
April 9, 2014 

AMA, ACEP, et al. Letter to House Leadership on SGR Patch &
Summary of SGR Patch Legislation (HR 4302)
March 27, 2014

Dr. Jon Mark Hirshon's testimony before House Energy & Commerce's Oversight Subcommittee on Psychiatric Bed Shortage 

Dr. Hirshon Written Testimony
March 26, 2014 

Hart Health Strategies Inc - FY15 Admin Budget Summary
March 7, 2014 

2014 Advocacy Manual
March 6, 2014 

HR 3548 Coalition Support Letter &
HR 4080 ACEP Trauma Systems-Regionalization Reauthorization Support Letter
February 28, 2014 

ACEP Letter of Support for HR 4015
February 12, 2014

- Repeal and Medicare Provider Payment Modernization Act of 2014,- bicameral, bipartisan legislation introduced on Feb. 6 to repeal the SGR

Section by Section Summary
February 6, 2014 

SGR Reform Summary
February 6, 2014  

ACEP Unveils 2014 Report Card

The grades have been tabulated, and the nation's emergency health care system has received its ranking with the release of the third "National Report Card on the State of Emergency Medicine."

House Ways and Means SGR Mark-Up - Hart Health Strategies
December 13, 2013

Senate Finance and House Ways and Means Proposal to Repeal SGR Chart
December 6, 2013

ACEP Comments on SGR to Senate Finance and House Ways and Means Committees
November 7, 2013 

Bipartisan Bicameral SGR Discussion Draft
October 31, 2013 

Bipartisan Bicameral SGR Proposal -“ Executive Summary
October 31, 2013 

Government Shutdown Q & A 
October 1, 2013 

ACEP HR2810 Misvalued RVUs Letter to House Energy and Commerce Committee
July 30, 2013 

ACEP SGR Comments to House Energy and Commerce Committee
June 12, 2013 

ACEP SGR Comments to Senate Finance Committee
June 7, 2013

Hart Health Strategies House EC FY14 Budget Hearing Summary 041813
April 22, 2013

President's FY14 Budget Proposal 
April 15, 2013 

General Information SequestrationImpact of Sequestration on Health Programs, 
Impact of Sequestration on Medicare 
February 26, 2013 

Legislative/Regulatory Agenda (113th -“ 1st Session)
February 7, 2013

Medicare Physician Payment Cuts Averted For One Year
By passing the -œfiscal cliff- bill, Congress averted impending cuts to Medicare physician payment.

Getting EM on the Congressional Radar
Hosting members of Congress in your ED is not as daunting as you might think. This ACEP News article shows how some ACEP members have found the experience both rewarding and beneficial.

ACEP Delivery System Reform Task Force Report
October 2012 

ACEP Comments on FY 2013 Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations Bill
July 23, 2012 

Letter sent to Governors by HHS Secretary Sebelius regarding Medicaid Expansion 
July 10, 2012  

ACEP Letter to House Ways and Means on Medicare SGR 
May 25, 2012 

Grassley-Whitehouse GAO Request on Drug Shortages/DEA Policies 
May 3, 2012 

ACEP letter in support of the Food & Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act 
April 24, 2012 

ACEP letter to Senate HELP Committee on Drug Shortages 
April 5, 2012 

ACEP Letter to House Energy and Commerce Committee on Drug Shortages 
April 5, 2012 

Coalition Letter in Support of HR.157 EMTALA Liability Amendment to HR.5
March 22, 2012 

Coalition letter in support of Good Samaritan Health Professionals Act Amendment to H.R. 5
March 21, 2012  

Letter to GAO from Reps. Upton and Waxman requesting Surge Capacity Study 
January 17, 2012

IPAB Repeal Coalition Letter to Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee   
February 24, 2012

Congress Averts Physician Medicare Payment Cuts 
February 17, 2012

Letter sponsored by Reps. Joe Crowley (D-NY) and Dan Benishek (R-MI) (a physician) urging use of Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) funds to pay for repeal of SGR  
February 3, 2012

ACEP Letter to the House Judiciary Committee in support of H.R. 1254, the 'Synthetic Drug Control Act of 2011.'  
November 1, 2011

Analysis of Sequestration and the Super Committee - October 27, 2011  

Letter to the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction urging them to include medical liability reforms in their legislative package   
October 3, 2011

Dear Colleague on HR 157, "Health Care Safety Net Enhancement Act of 2011"   

ACEP letter to the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction
August 24, 2011

CMS Releases Bundled Payment Models 
August 23, 2011

Summary of the Budget Control Act of 2011    

ACEP Support Letter for the "Synthetic Drug Control Act of 2011" (HR 1254)
July 21, 2011 

ACEP Letter to House Energy & Commerce Committe on Repealing IPAB
July 8, 2011

ACEP Letter to the President on Debt Limit Negotiations
July 7, 2011 

Health Care Reform Activities

ACEP Letter to House Energy & Commerce Committe on Repealing IPAB
July 8, 2011

ACEP Response to the House Energy & Commerce 
Committee Request Regarding the SGR
April 28, 2011 

ACEP's High Priorities for the Implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010
August 18, 2010

ACEP's High Priority Provisions Chart

ACEP Letter to  CMS Admisitrator Donald M. Berwick 
July 19, 2010

EM Provisions in the passed health care reform bill, P.L. 111-148  

Health Care Reform Provisions Timeline  

Focus on Health Reform - Side-by-Side Comparison of Major Health Care Reform Proposals  

Emergency Medicine Provisions - 2009-2010 Congressional Health Care Reform Proposals (Full Legislative Language)  

ACEP Letter to Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid    

Video Clips: Amendments Offered to Ensure EM Access

White House Regional Forum on Health Care, Burlington, Vermont, March 17, hosted by Governors Douglas (VT) &Patrick (MA)

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 ACEP is staying abreast of this important issue, developing resources and supporting key legislation that will help offset the medical liability crisis. In addition, ACEP is a driving force with key groups such as the Doctors for Medical Liability Reform and The Alliance of Specialty Medicine     and alongside

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