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The more than 1600 ACEP and EMRA members participating in the 911 Legislative Network act as resources and health care issue experts for federal legislators to maximize the voice of emergency medicine in the federal legislative process. ACEP established the Network in 1998 to encourage our members to cultivate long-term relationships with federal legislators, convey ACEP's legislative and regulatory priorities-in an effective manner, and affect the final outcome of federal legislation important to the specialty of emergency medicine.

 The Network is comprised of Team Captains and Team Members. 

 Team Member Activities 

We know that our members are very busy so we try to make it as easy as possible to participate in the Network. There are several ways that we communicate with 911 Network Team Members and various activities that we may ask you to participate in:

  •  Weekly Update: Sent by email to inform you of the latest legislative, political and regulatory issues and activities.
  •  Action Alerts: Sent by email requesting you contact your Representative or Senators about a specific issue or vote. A link to the ACEP website is provided where you will find sample letters and talking points that can be sent directly to your legislators with a click of a button.
  •  Call Alerts: We provide an 800 number that you can use to call your Representative's or Senators' offices. Often the message is as simple as, "I live in Representative X's district and would like him or her to support bill # xxx".
  •  Delivery of NEMPAC Contributions: Some NEMPAC contributions are delivered directly by 911 Network members who reside in the legislators districts. This helps reinforce the presence of a local contact and resource on emergency medicine issues and provides the Network member with another opportunity to interact with legislators.
  •  ED visits: We also encourage 911 Network members to invite their legislators to tour their emergency department. This provides the legislator and staff the opportunity to witness, first-hand, the operations of an ED and to meet their constituents. We provide assistance in setting up the visit.

 Team Captain Activities 

 The 911 Network Team Captains are the cornerstone of ACEP’s grassroots advocacy program.  They receive focused training and communications, increased resources and special recognition for their efforts.  In addition to participating in Team Member activities, they may have additional responsibilities including: 

  • Responding to ACEP alerts in a timely fashion;
  • Attendance at one or more Team Captain training sessions either by teleconference, during the Leadership and Advocacy Conference in Washington, DC, or annually at Scientific Assembly;
  • Participating in monthly/bi-monthly conference calls for legislative updates
  • Monitoring and guiding the activities and recruitment efforts for a specific region of the country, section of ACEP membership, or within residencies programs;
  • Coordinating emergency department visits for Representatives in specific regions or congressional districts;
     Serving as media spokesperson on ACEP Legislative Issues;
  • Hosting appreciation events and presenting any commemorative awards and/or NEMPAC contributions when appropriate.

911 Network Members are asked to report back to ACEP's Washington office with any feedback from their contacts with legislators and staff.

To help improve your lobbying skills, political education training through the School of Political Advocacy is offered each year during Scientific Assembly. The school teaches new 911 members the federal legislative process and effective grassroots lobbying techniques. This training will help you communicate more effectively with your legislators. ACEP 911 Network members are also encouraged to attend the annual ACEP Leadership and Advocacy Conference held in Washington, D.C. every spring.

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ACEP Member Dr. Jennifer Wiler on the Importance of Being an Advocate

Dr. Wiler explains why emergency physicians must become engaged in the political process now.

You can make a difference by advocating for important legislation that impacts your specialty and your patients. 



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