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Small Group Resources

We are all in this together. For some members of small groups, you may want a community where you can share your challenges, your victories, your best practices. We are here for you! 

ACEP has an online network for you to connect with other small group members, features in ACEP publications and podcasts, and coming soon, crowd-sourced curation of vendors. Get started by filling out the form or by contacting ACEP's Sr. Director of Policy, Craig Price.

Small Groups Represent at ACEP19!

A Small Group Reception, sposnored by Collective Medical, is set for 4 to 6 pm Monday, October 28 in the Centennial Ballroom F in the Hyatt Regency. Please join us and grow your networking circle!

Democratic Group Practice Section

The Democratic Group Practice Section Meeting is slated for 11:30-1:30, Monday, Oct. 28. Mark your calendars to be sure to attend!


Small Group Resource Community

Permission must be requested to join this online community of small group leaders. Contact ACEP Sr. Director of Policy, Craig Price.


Helpful Contract Resources

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ACEP Now Articles

ACEP Now has published several articles on the best practices and challenges of small or democratic groups. See what others have said. 

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