Dr. Klauer Message...ACEP News in 2014



Dear ACEP Colleagues and Friends

ACEP News, as you know it, will fade into the ACEP archives at the end of this year. In its wake will emerge a new, vibrant publication aimed at directly meeting the needs of the ACEP membership and readership. This publication will reflect what the readers want to read and not what ACEP thinks they should read.

Despite the excellent work done with the publication to date, I have been asked to help take ACEP News to the next level. Besides beginning with a new publisher, Wiley Publishing, ACEP News will undergo substantial changes and reformatting in content, as well as design.

In order to accomplish the necessary change to claim the respect, attention and loyalty of our readership, an Editorial Advisory Board that has experience, drive and innovative ideas must be assembled.

My goal is to assemble the most effective team to accomplish the goals for the publication over the next year and beyond. These positions will be vital to the future success of the publication. Thus, positions will only be offered to those who are committed and offer value to the process.

This will be an opportunity to participate in something truly unique and special.

I invite you to submit the brief application for consideration.
Instructions are at the links below.


Kevin Klauer, DO, EJD, FACEP
Medical Editor in Chief, ACEP News

Click here if you are interested in serving on the Editorial Advisory Board.
You will be asked to submit a CV and write a brief summary about what you would
change about ACEP News and what you would bring to the Advisory Board. 

Click here if you are interested in writing for ACEP News.
You will be prompted to submit a writing sample and a brief summary about why you
want to contribute to the publication. A second page will ask you to attach your CV.
You will not need to submit a full summary again in the message box on second prompt.

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