EM:RAP is back in the conference "business"

EM:RAP and ACEP are coming together to create a one-of-a-kind, unique, not-to-be-missed "conference within a conference" experience. ACEP turns 50 this year and its annual meeting attracts more than 8,000 Emergency Medicine clinicians from around the world. EM:RAP hasn't put on a conference for a few years and we have some pent up desire to go big and celebrate with ACEP. We are dubbing it EM:RAPLive at ACEP

During ACEP18, EM:RAP will drop the mic on a one-day "edutainment extravaganza."

  • Will there be great education? Ahh yes!
  • Musical interludes? Surely!
  • Great value prizes? Of course!
  • Fantastic faculty, narrative learning, high end videos, cartoons and more? Please, would you expect anything less?
  • Will we introduce some remarkable clinicians from across the world we have sponsored to come to ACEP via our non-profit EMRAP:GO program? Yes, oh yes!

Check out just a few of the courses being offered at EM:RAPLIVE during ACEP18:

  • Rescuing the Drowning Patient: Pulmonary Edema + Cardiogenic Shock
  • Heroic Airway Management: More Than Just Sticking in the Tube
  • Unbreak My Heart: Modern STEMI Management + Future Directions
  • EMRAP Goes Visual: Procedures, Images, Panels + More

What will it cost, I hear you ask?

Try nothing, nada, zero, zip. Just register for ACEP18 and choose "EM:RAPLive" in the course scheduler section of registration. That's it. It's not about making money, it's about connecting with our remarkable subscribers at the biggest event on the annual EM calendar!  So sign up for ACEP18 early, this is going to be standing room only!

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