New Speakers Competition

The application window has closed for ACEP17.

Do you have what it takes to take the stage at ACEP17? Here’s your Big Break…

We’ll give you 10 minutes to teach any Emergency Medicine related topic to a national audience of your peers and an expert panel of Ed Com members. Rock stars may earn the chance to speak at ACEP18. The Best of the best wins the coveted ACEP SA Superstar Speaker Award. Drive up your odds of being the Fan Favorite by bringing all of your friends to the show to cheer you on vote for you!!

Step 1: Read and agree to the Rules and Requirements for Eligibility

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  1. Eligibility: Any ACEP member from senior year residents (3rd of PGY1-3 programs & 4th of PGY1-4 programs) to retirement, board eligible, or board certified emergency physician that has never spoken at a national ACEP meeting, including but not limited to Scientific Assembly, Winter Symposium, Emergency Medicine Connection, Reimbursement and Coding, Emergency Medicine Spring Congress, Leadership and Advocacy, Advanced Pediatric Emergency Medicine Assembly, Emergency Department Directors Academy, or Emergency Medicine Academy. Previous participants of the New Speakers Forum at Scientific Assembly or Emergency Medicine Spring Congress are not eligible. Applicants must be registered for Scientific Assembly
  2. Application: The deadline is June 23, 2017. Spots fill up fast – So Submit Early. Don’t Miss Your Big Break! You must include a brief course description and 1-2 learning objectives. Applications are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Applicants may only submit one application. Application MUST be completed in its entirety for consideration.
  3. Selection: Provided eligibility is met, 36 speakers will be selected.
  4. Notification: Selected speakers will be notified by e-mail in July regarding participation.
  5. Scheduling: Selected speakers will be assigned a 3-hour show time and will be required to be present during their assigned show. Speakers will be called randomly to speak anytime during their assigned show. If a speaker is not present when their name is called they will be automatically disqualified.
  6. Presentation Rules & Format: Speakers are allowed 10 minutes for their presentation. No exceptions. Presentations will be followed by a brief Q&A and Ed Com Expert Panel Evaluation. Speakers must comply with the ACEP Presentation Policy, adhere to ACCME guidelines, and maintain respect for the multicultural membership and patients. No product sales are permitted. Selected speakers will be required to sign a disclosure statement indicating any conflict of interest and it must be received by the deadline specified. Speakers will be required to submit a PowerPoint presentation in electronic format by the deadline specified.
  7. Award: One speaker will be selected as the winner of the Superstar Speaker Award at the conclusion of the New Speakers Forum. The winner will be selected by members of the ACEP Educational Meetings Committee based on their observation and audience evaluation data (see Evaluation Criteria).

Evaluation criteria

Opening: Did the speaker grab attention with a case or problem, give a memorable title, establish their expertise, and provide disclosures?

Content: Did the speaker provide evidence-based feasible objectives, then discuss each topic logically?

Engagement: Did the speaker consistently pull in the audience with appropriate questions and humor?

Slides: Did the slides contain only essential words, as well as appropriate key images and transitions, needed to reinforce the speaker's story?

Voice: Did the speaker articulate clearly, without filler words, in an energetic, yet authentic voice?

Presence: Did the speaker's appearance and body language appropriately convey competence, free of nervous or distracting movements?

Conclusion: Did the speaker summarize the objectives, end the story, answer questions, as well as provide reference and follow up info appropriately?

The ACEP Educational Meetings Committee has ultimate authority to choose which individuals will be designated to speak. The committee will review applications to ensure speakers meet eligibility requirements. They will also monitor the presentations to ensure that all speakers end on time, terminating any speaker with inappropriate content or remarks. All decisions of the Educational Meetings Committee are final and cannot be appealed. Travel and other expenses will be the responsibility of the individuals participating and will not be reimbursed ACEP SA Superstar Speaker Award!