August 23, 2021

Sample Letter to the Editor: COVID Misinformation

A letter-to-the-editor can be an effective way to share your expertise and express concern to the public. Typically, a letter-to-the-editor letter is around 150 words and is written in direct response to a relevant, recent article from that publication. You can personalize the following sample letter-to-the-editor to reflect your experience and concerns.

Dear Editor:

Misleading health information is everywhere, as shown from [reference the news article to which you’re responding]. Emergency physicians like me have been fighting this virus for more than a year, and we know that vaccines are the best protection against severe illness, hospitalization, and death. 

Cases and hospitalizations are now surging. Nearly every patient in my emergency department is unvaccinated. I frequently have the same conversation with those that have concerns about the vaccines, and I want to clear up some misconceptions: The vaccines were not rushed. They have undergone extensive, rigorous clinical trials and have proven to be safe and effective. You may have some mild side effects from the shot, but that pales in comparison to the risks of getting virus.

Getting vaccinated not only protects yourself but helps prevent you from spreading it to your loved ones who may be either too young or sick to get the vaccine.

Dr. [NAME] is a member of the [ACEP CHAPTER NAME]

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