August 1, 2020

Life Beyond EM: Wisdom is Often Within

What do we do when it’s time to give a presentation or write an article? Even as an expert in the field, the impulse is to research other peoples’ words and find quotes we like because they contain insights to guide us along the right path.

Wisdom can feel this way: like something that belongs to another strata of individuals or perhaps even another time. Wisdom can feel like something that is handed down through generations, something we receive, not something we know.

We know the smartest among us admit what they don’t know, seek out mentors and teachers to bolster their own knowledge. And this has growth value for all of us. What would also happen if we were to accept that it is we who are wise? If we appreciated and valued our unique wisdom gained from deeply personal experiences?

If we are searching for guidance, reading and seeking and asking with open hearts, and are still unable to find satisfactory answers, it may well be that the understanding we seek can be found in our own insight. We are living through times unlike any in recent history. There are new questions at every turn. If we lead with compassion and conviction and learn to trust both in science and in our own capabilities, wisdom will be present there.

Tracy Sanson

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