August 1, 2020

Advice to My Younger Self

ANYTHING you’ve ever stressed about has ALWAYS worked out. Have you ever stressed over:

  • Getting accepted to that summer camp? 
  • Getting that part in the middle school play? 
  • Passing that high school geometry test?
  • Remembering all the moves to your dance routine?
  • Getting a decent score on your SAT/ACT/MCAT/COMLEX/USMLE?
  • Being accepted into college/medical/graduate school? 
  • Paying those huge college loans?
  • Finishing that college essay before 11:59 pm?
  • Getting accepted into an internship at your dream school? 

This list could go on for pages and pages and pages, but what remains the same is the fact that no matter what the situation was, somehow and someway, it all worked out. All of the aforementioned examples may not have resolved in the way that you wanted, maybe the outcome wasn’t favorable, but you know what did happen? You surpassed what seemed to be a monumental, insurmountable obstacle. Life is like that. It makes you feel like your situation is a complete anomaly that shatters the world around you when, in reality, it’s merely a moment in what will become your amazing journey.

A Word of Wisdom 

The notion of moving upward and forward seems to negatively dramatize and demonize how far people had to go to get on their journey. I propose that the epitome of elevation is to set your tone for how you love yourself, how you want the world to see you, and how much more “umph” you have to give. My advice to others is to live intentionally and unapologetically; keep being the sensational, diligent, and unique you no matter what your peers are doing. You are you for a reason. ELEVATE yourself. ELEVATE your community. ELEVATE your dreams, because you are SO much greater than your battles and strife. You are strong, powerful, intelligent and the NEXT:

  • The NEXT future healthcare professional
  • The NEXT mentor to those without guidance
  • The NEXT changemaker for health policy
  • The NEXT advocate for the underserved 

ELEVATE yourself so one day you can elevate those that come NEXT.

Joselyn Miller, DO

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