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Wellness Section Newsletter - Winter 2017

Our Journey Continues With Our Next Step to Wellness


Co-Editor’s Note

Levin_2017With our Wellness Section’s Inaugural 2017 newsletter, I am pleased to announce and highlight two very exciting updates.  First, we will be introducing you to the incoming slate of elected officers. They will help us develop and move forward with our mission of promoting wellness within our profession. And secondly, our section's newsletter continues to be accessible to the general membership (35,000 plus) through a link within the E-publications, EM Today and Weekend Review.  This confirms ACEP's continued commitment to championing for the importance of physician wellness and resiliency.

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Health-Promoting Work Systems

Editor’s Note:
For this new year, one example of our new focus on the topic of physician wellness can be found in the following introductory blog by Katherine Sanders, PhD, Human Factors & Work Systems Engineer.  With a great deal of focus now turning towards systemic work issues, such as "Systemic Disempowerment," we want to address these issues. Dr. Sanders will introduce us to the important concept of “health-promoting work” systems (in a 3-part series). We will be publishing her important series, addressing the systemic root causes of un-wellness and burnout, in upcoming newsletters.

It’s a delight and an honor to contribute to the ACEP Wellness newsletter. My thanks to Drs. Levin and Ross for including me in your conversations about the health of emergency physicians.

It might seem odd that an engineer is focused on health. Usually we’re known for preaching the doctrine of efficiency (and being socially awkward). But human factors engineering is one of the specialties of industrial engineering. Most human factors folks focus on the design of tools or technology. I focus on the design of work systems to promote health and sustainable productivity. I’m devoted to supporting people in living higher quality working lives.

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Optimal Healing Environments

Editor’s Note:
The following blog by Scott Kashman, Chief Acute Care Officer for Lee Health System, (previously holding the title of Chief Operations Officer at Cape Coral Hospital), highlights an example of the positive affect on wellness resulting from the collaborative efforts between systemic management, staff and community. Cape Coral Hospital, has been most recently recognized, a top hospital through Leapfrog
. By incorporating into their operations the philosophy that there is no “You and Them,” but just an “Us,” they have been successful in reaching their benchmark thresholds, as recognized by Leapfrog. Lee Health Systems is located in Florida.  

WellnessWheel_imageOptimal Healing Environments
Over the past 5 years, Cape Coral Hospital, Part of Lee Health has focused on creating an “optimal healing environment (OHE).”  This really served as a way to bring our team together towards a shared vision.  Essentially the 3 unifying messages which make up an optimal healing environment, should resonate with many healthcare providers and organizations:

  1. Ensure patient and family centered care
  2. Focus on the financial viability of your practice or organization
  3. Focus on the health and well-being of your team (person-centered care). In turn, they will take better care of themselves, their colleagues, patients and families.

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Ideas for Maintaining Resiliency and Wellness

  • Keeping a gratitude journal
  • Driving
  • Having a dance party with the kids in the living room
  • Visualizing the coat coming off after work and reverting to oneself
  • Hiking
  • Skiing
  • Reading with the kids
  • Playing with the kids
  • Boating
  • Listening to ocean waves
  • Running

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Message from the Section Chair

PamelaRoss_2017_HSGreetings and Happy New Year!

2016 Las Vegas ACEP Scientific Assembly was another great success – we left with a slate of new officers and a vision for expanding the wellness agenda to all of our membership. As we venture into 2017 with new leaders and a wealth of new ideas, I want you to know that your section leaders have been hard at work creating a robust agenda for this year. We hit the ground running with a Section Leaders Conference Call in November that had 100% attendance!

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Biographies and Photos of Section Officers

Meet our Section Officers!  Read their bios here

Chair: Pamela A. Ross, MD, FACEP
Chair-Elect: Arlene S. Chung, MD
Secretary/Newsletter Co-Editor: Matthew L. Wong, MD, MPH
Newsletter Co-Editor: Randall Levin, MD, FACEP-Life
Councilor: Laura H. McPeake, MD, FACEP
Board Liaison: Jay A. Kaplan, MD, FACEP

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Wellness Week 2017

Wellness Week 
Mark your calendar and prepare to join ACEP for the second annual Emergency Medicine Wellness Week Jan. 22–28, 2017. Pledge to be healthier by focusing on your physical health, making or rekindling connections, and enhancing career engagement.

Sign up online for daily tips, find resources and videos about better wellness, and share your stories of improvement.

Visit EM Wellness Week for more information. 

In preparation for Wellness Week 2017, please enjoy this article by Dr. Steven Moffic.

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Wellness is having a real moment in emergency medicine's collective conscious.  Through the newsletter we would really like to continue to spread the awareness, share stories of inspiration, and promote physician health. If there's anything on your mind that you want to talk about, if there's something troubling that you've noticed and want to call out, if you've found new ways to continue to be inspired and you want to share your experience, we are here to give you a voice.  We are especially interested in hearing about your activities during Wellness Week 2017!

We would like to invite all of you to contribute to our upcoming newsletter.

Remember that we accept various forms of expressions, including but not limited to stories, poems, and artwork. Spread the word, and don't be afraid to be heard! The deadline is February 28

Please send your submissions and questions to Randy Levin or Matt Wong.  

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