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Wellness Section Newsletter - September 2015

Be as Well as you Want your Patients to Be


Wellness Activities at ACEP15

ACEP15If you are attending ACEP15 and are an ACEP member, don’t forget about registering for the Wellness Center. Get BP check, cholesterol, body fat, flu shot, burnout assessment, wellness materials and feedback –$160 value only $40 for members. You should see a check off box for ACEP Wellness Center when you are registering.

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Here is a rundown of Wellness Activities at ACEP15.

Wellness Section
Tuesday, October 27, 2015
4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Room: Stone (Lobby Level)
Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel

Well-being Committee
Monday, October 26, 2015
4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Room: Grand Ballroom D, E (Concourse Level)
Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel

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It is Not Okay

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Reflections on Wellness

"You should own that," says a colleague, and I agree. We just attended a conference on physician wellness, my area of academic and personal interest, and we are feeling inspired. And yet how do you own wellness? The paradox about wellness is that it’s about owning your own vulnerability, that which makes you humble and sometimes ashamed. And how many humble ashamed people do you see racing to the top giving advice to others?

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Response to Laura McPeake’s Reflection

Editors Note: It is Okay, our words can open healing doors for others

I find that I also have the same questions that you alluded to in your piece, but there is an inner voice which tells me it is okay, okay to connect to myself and reflect. You never know when your words - though not necessarily meant for the absolute universal truth, but they are your "truth" - can be the exact words someone else wants to hear or read at that moment. By acknowledging that truth, you acknowledge that part of spirit which allows for your specific healing journey. And, sometimes (and I am finding more often than not) those same words can open the door for others who are on their own healing/wellness journey. That is very comforting because we don't need to be afraid that we are alone on our journey.

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Wellness in the ED- Working with Friends that Become Family

Editor's Note: The following submission, by Dr. Julie Sanicola-Johnson, is a very potent reminder of the importance of developing and nurturing positive working relationships within our work environment. This was a timely essay to counter the feelings generated by Dr. Louis Caplan's comments in Maureen Dowd's 05/02/15 NY Times' article, Stroke of Fate, and the firestorm of negativity and anger it generated among our members. To counter the bullying we see in medicine, we create environments which encourage professional cohesiveness - ultimately improving patient care and outcomes, as well as our own wellness and health.

What is it exactly that makes “work” not work? Is it because you enjoy spending time with your coworkers? Is it because your coworkers have become an actual work family? Is it because no matter what stressful things you go through at work, you know you will have people with you, on your side, to help you through it?

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Photo Gallery

Shed CompletedWays of Coping with an EM Career… One of the issues in our field is dealing with the overnight shift. Pictured here is the "shed" which I built in my backyard. I had found that as the children grew, their ability to allow me to sleep before going on overnight duty was an issue and at times interfered with getting adequate rest before a shift. My solution was to build this structure (with heat, electricity, and phone) as my escape. It was my up north cabin on the south side of my lot - a personal space to take a mental and physical sabbatical.

HeadStandRandall M. Levin, MD, FACEP

Even when our world appears to be upside down, we can still be as strong as the strongest tree through balance and the strength of our spirit. - Editor


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One Artist’s Perspective

Editor's Note: The following article, “One Artist’s Perspective,” was written by Michael Stillwater (presently residing in Switzerland), an inspirational consultant, a renowned and award-winning songwriter, singer, photographer and film producer working with multimedia. He hosts wellness retreats for the healthcare field worldwide.

The arts have always enjoyed a positive relationship with wellness, both in expression and reflective effect.

To give expression to any art- whether drawing or painting, singing, sculpting, writing prose or poetry, dancing, photography or filmmaking - releases stress while providing a variety of pathways for one’s inner storyteller.

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