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Wellness Section Newsletter - August 2017

Summertime Wellness: To Help Others, First Help Yourself

Notes from the Editors:

As part of the 2017 Section Grant Program, our grant proposal, Impact of Work System Design on Physician Occupational Health: Featuring Katherine Sanders, PhD – ACEP Scientific Assembly 2017 Keynote Speaker Wellness Section Meeting, has been approved by the ACEP Board of Directors. 

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What Physicians Can Do to Help Themselves

Physicians often ask me:  What can I do to help myself now? I have had years to think about that question. The list is simple, but it’s not easy.

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Inspirational Photos - Lynch

I love photography as a creative outlet, but I sometimes have to remind myself to look beyond the lens and fully appreciate what is in front of me.  While attending ACEP16, I had the honor of witnessing the wonder and depth of the Grand Canyon. I shot and edited hundreds of photos in an attempt to represent the ancient, worn majesty of that landmark.  My favorite image, however, was of me, living in the moment of that life changing experience.  See the photos now.

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NAM Recording on Physician Wellbeing

Recording of a fantastic National Academy of Science meeting, with Dr. Jay Kaplan (Past President of ACEP), on Establishing Physician Wellbeing as a Priority. Access the videos now.

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Call for Newsletter Content Submissions

The Wellness Section newsletter is always accepting new written pieces, inspirational photographs, or other forms of expression that inspire you or may inspire others. Please send them to Dr. Matthew Wong or Dr. Randy Levin

Reminder for 2017 ACEP Annual Meeting

The ACEP Annual Meeting this year is in Washington, DC, and it promises to be better than ever. Besides stopping by and partaking of the activities, if you’re interested in helping set up and organize the proceedings, please email the Well-being Committee Chair, Dr. Rita Manfredi to get involved!

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A Letter From The Chair

It is not a question of whether we are capable.  The question is whether we are willing.  The current state of many of our work environments appear to indicate that for a long time, Emergency Physicians have been willing to make some toxic Emergency Department environments prosper.  See more from Dr. Pamela Ross now.

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The American Psychiatric Association Follows Emergency Physicians Into Burn-out

All the work the ACEP has been doing on wellness and burn-out has inspired me and my American Psychiatric Association (APA). At last, that has led to the establishment of an official Workgroup on psychiatrist and physician Wellbeing And Burnout. To greatly simplify our differences, you are physicians of action, we of thinking, and sometimes we think too long before we take action. Nevertheless, despite your actions on this challenge, your rate of being burned out continues to climb at the top of the specialties, whereas ours, while on the low end at 42% (according to Medscape) is still almost half of us.

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Inspirational Photos - Levin

As I was contemplating our Orchid’s growth for this year, I was remembering why a flower spike grows toward the window (positive phototropism) but, at the same time, noted the roots to be growing in the opposite direction. This is termed negative phototropism. The balance of Positive and Negative forces are at play in creating the beauty of the Orchid flowers. This could also apply to the positives and the negatives of our own being – we need both to be truly connected to our strengths and our inner healing spirit. Read more and see the photos now.

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“I cried every day at work”: mental health among doctors is still taboo.

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