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Wellness Section Newsletter - April 2016

You Say Burnout, But I Say Burn-Out – Wellness Heals Both


Letter from the Editor - April 2016

LevinMay2013The Wellness Section Newsletter is a venue for members to express themselves through art, photos, poems or written words, etc. – to not only tap into their creative spirit, but also to acknowledge their inner strengths. Hopefully submissions will have an inspirational or positive message, but maybe someone would welcome the opportunity to express their emotions during "down" times - needing a way to reach out to their colleagues.

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Photo Essay – Creating Inner Warmth of Self-Worth, Even from Chaos

Tools2By utilizing mindfulness and resourcefulness, we are able to turn the challenges from unexpected chaos into the "fuel" for attaining the inner warmth that comes from overcoming those challenges.

"Tools" of mindfulness and resourcefulness used (saw, hatchet, axe)


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AxeThe broken and missing tree limb is symbolic of the physician who is no longer able to practice. This tree limb succumbed to an environmental process of insect infestation and other environmental challenges and finally broke away after the final "insult" of a wind storm - equating to a toxic (work) environment. If the process of dealing with the root causes had been in place, and thereby resolving the root causes, the limb would have remained strong.

What's in a hyphen? Does it matter at all whether the word burnout is with a hyphen or not? The meaning is the same, is it not?

We hear the term a lot now. No matter how it is spelled, it seems to be rising among physicians, 50% or higher, with emergency room physicians among the highest.

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Coffee Talk with Dr. Marco Coppola: Walk this Way

DogExercise and physical activity are very important ways to reduce your long-term risk of heart disease and stroke. But, why is exercise so important? Can just walking really help? How much walking do we need? We decided to check in with Dr. Marco Coppola, Chief Medical Officer, to find out.

FER+UC: Good Morning, Dr. Coppola!

Dr. Coppola: Good morning! I just got back from walking Goose, my boxer.

FER+UC: What a coincidence. We see a lot of stories about getting active. Is walking really enough to help us stay healthy?

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Letting Go

Closing my eyes, I am so ready to sleep.
   But my mind is forever
      Racing/ Pacing/Moving
My thoughts and memories at the speed of light.
When all else fails to calm this restless mind and body,
    I seek that intervention,
Remembering that intuition tells me,
   Take a deep breath and now
Feel the pain, the tension, then relax its hold on you.

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Healthy Meals/Nutrition

Send Us your Recipe for Wellness

A Healthy Breakfast for MIND, BODY, SPIRIT

The oatmeal, fruit, seeds, juice, whole grain toast, water - nutrition for healing and maintaining healthy BODY

The word puzzle - nurturing the MIND to heal and maintain itself

The outdoor baseball cap - for nurturing SPIRIT and reminding myself that I will soon be able to enjoy the benefit of hikes and the outdoors again.

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Photo Essay – The Pot of Gold

"In life, sometimes there are difficult, narrow bridges to cross. But with the proper clinician support system in place, we can continue to be connected to our strengths as we venture ahead on our pathway to the beauty of being there for others."

Gold Mine Support Beams – Represents a Supportive Work Environment

Support Beams

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Stop Waiting for “When...”

If you have any questions, Dr. Lawson can be reached via email.

If you are like me and my clients, you run on empty, running on overwhelm, faster than the speed of life. Our culture (and our saboteurs) have trained us to say, "I will be happy when all my work is done....when I get this project done....when....when....when..." We are always striving to pass up our current circumstances waiting for the when. Now if you are like me, as soon as a when goes by, as soon as I got through a class in college, or a big test, or a hard day at work, I felt a VERY brief sigh of relief until it was immediately off to the next when....

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The Power of Being Present

Working in the emergency department, we see many patients suffering from insomnia, anxiety, depression, PTSD, chronic pain, grief or end of life concerns, chemical dependency, or homelessness. It is striking how frequently these issues relate to patients’ presentations. Even more striking is how big the gap between their needs and what we tangibly have to offer can seem. In these cases, the pharmaceutical and procedural interventions we are trained to implement can fall short. It is a difficult thing to witness so much suffering as a provider in a healing profession, when so often it feels that the system is, and therefore we are, failing these patients. We come away from these encounters with a residue of our own suffering.

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Flying on My Spiritual Jet

I lay my head back…
Looking out through my window
And what do I see…
I see a beautiful blue sky of spirit
   With soft white clouds of intent…
I see the sparkling light of my inner energy
   Shimmering along the leading edge of my wings…

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EM Wellness Week Updates

Wellness Week BannerACEP Summary
The first Emergency Medicine Wellness Week was held January 24-30, 2016. During that week, emergency physicians were asked to adopt at least one healthy practice in the areas of physical health, connections (family, friends, etc.), or career engagement. The success of this project is due in large part to the work of Nancy Calaway and ACEP Communications staff that took the concept and created a professional and appealing product. In addition, the Well-being Committee and Wellness Section provided content for the website and emails. Note that much of the material can be reused next year and in the future.

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Make A Difference: Write That Council Resolution!

Many College members introduce new ideas and current issues to ACEP through Council resolutions. This may sound daunting to our newer members, but the good news is that only takes two ACEP members to submit a resolution for Council consideration. In just a few months the ACEP Council will meet and consider numerous resolutions.

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