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Wellness Resources

1. K. Sanders, PhD article - referenced article / book

a. Building Healthy Workplaces: What We Know So Far, Kelloway, E Kevin; Day, Arla L, Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science; Oct 2005; 37, 4; ProQuest Research Library pgs. 223 -235
b. Workplace Well-being – How to Build Psychologically Healthy Workplaces, Wiley Blackwell ISBN-13: 978-1118469460 / ISBN-10: 1118469461

2. CDs

a. Care for the Journey: Volume 1, Audio CD By Michael Stillwater and Gary Malkin

3. Books

a. The Resilient Practitioner – Burnout and Compassion Fatigue Prevention and Self-Care Strategies for the Helping Professions – Third Edition, Thomas M. Skovholt and Michelle Trotter-Mathison, 2016

4. Emotional Intelligence: The New Physician Workforce: Three Steps to Ensure Alignment, Performance and Career Satisfaction - Wellness Section Newsletter, March 2014

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