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Emergency Ultrasound Section Newsletter - April 2014

From the Chair - BIG Section Updates

The ACEP Emergency Ultrasound Section has had a busy year so far and there is great progress to report. First, with the help and guidance of leadership from our college, Council Resolution 33(13) has been adopted as ACEP policy! This is a big win for our section, and special thanks goes to ACEP President Alex Rosenau and our Board Liaison, William Jaquis for their help in making this happen.

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Tips & Tricks: The E-FAST Exam - The Lung views Part 4

TIPS1_2As the most widely used Clinical Ultrasound (CUS) application, expertise in the FAST exam is key for any emergency physician. The incorporation of FAST into the ATLS, the RUSH exam, and other published protocols, demonstrates how FAST has become an invaluable diagnostic adjunct for intraabdominal injury causing hemoperitoneum, cardiac injury with pericardial effusion, and unexplained hypotension. Just as FAST utilization began to increase, we quickly learned that we are also able to assess for pleural effusion and pneumothorax. Hence FAST became the Extended FAST exam or E-FAST.

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Technical Updates: Free Emergency Ultrasound Apps

UltraAppsOver the next several newsletters, I’ll be covering my picks for the best iOS apps relevant to the emergency sonographer. Whether used for bedside teaching, as a portable reference, or to advance your own ultrasound education, there are a growing number of excellent apps available for your iPhone and iPad.

For this newsletter, I’ll be reviewing those apps available free of charge. So no reason not to download and check them out!

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Great Case: Bulging Badly

Chief Complaints: Abdominal pain and vomitingHernia

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Grand Rounds: Ultrasound in Undergraduate Medical Education – with Invited Experts Reena Karani MD MHPE and David Bahner MD

Reena Karani, MD, MHPE
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education and Curricular Affairs
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

David Bahner, MD
Professor and Director of Emergency Ultrasound
Ohio State University, Department of Emergency Medicine

The St. Luke’s Roosevelt Ultrasound Division hosted the second quarterly New York City-wide Grand rounds for the 2013-2014 academic year. We revisited a topic which was first discussed at our 11th citywide grand rounds in October 2005, Ultrasound in Undergraduate Medial Education.

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Want to Get Involved?

Many thanks to all our incredible section editors! If you have a great case, an article review, commentary, or tech update to contribute to the next newsletter, then please contact John Bailitz.

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Quick Bits: What is the Patient’s Post Void Residual Bladder Volume?

Click Here for a short Video TutorialBladder

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Journal Watch

Articles Reviewed:

Sivitz AB, Tejani C, Cohen SG. Evaluation of hypertrophic pyloric stenosis by pediatric emergency physician sonography. Acad Emerg Med. 2013;20:646‒651.

Qayyum H, Ramlakhan S. Can ocular ultrasound predict intracranial hypertension? A pilot diagnostic accuracy evaluation in a UK emergency department. Eur J Emerg Med. 2013;20(2):91‒97.

Abbasi S, Farsi D, Hafezimoghadam P, et al. Accuracy of emergency physician-performed ultrasound in detecting traumatic pneumothorax after a 2-h training course. Eur J Emerg Med. 2013;20(3):173‒177.

Budhram G, Elia T, Rathlev N. Implementation of a Successful Incentive-Based Ultrasound Credentialing Program for Emergency Physicians. West J Emerg Med. 2013; XIV(6): 602-608.

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Ask the Expert: What can social media do for me? An interview with Jason Nomura, MD

Social media is becoming ubiquitous in our society and not just with the Millenial generation. Wikipedia defines social media as the “interaction among people in which they create, share, and/or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.” These communities and networks involve the use of social media tools which are becoming common parts of all our vocabularies such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, and blogging. As physicians and members of the ACEP Emergency Ultrasound Section we are looked to as content experts in our subspecialty of Emergency Clinical Ultrasound. As we work to develop and push our field forward social media can serve as a valuable tool for all of us in several ways as you move from consuming to producing.

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Quick Bits: How do I get a better Morison’s Pouch View?

Click Here for a Short Video TutorialMorrisey's Pouch

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