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Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Section Newsletter - February 2017

Cutting Edge Scheduling for ED Docs


Letter from the Editor

Joshua GlazerWelcome back, Quality Improvement and Patient Safety leaders, and Happy New Year! Hopefully, many of you were able to attend the 2016 Scientific Assembly in Las Vegas. In this edition of the QIPS Newsletter, we are excited to share the Quality & Patient Safety Committee’s Annual Report. 

Featured presentations from the 2016 Section meeting included: 

Keynote presentation by Gregg A. Miller, MD, FACEP entitled “CT Utilization and Choosing Wisely.” 

Arjun K. Venkatesh, MD, MBA discussed the Emergency Quality (E‐QUAL) Network and introduced the SEP-1 Challenge 

Jen Blowers, MBA, CPHQ on “Implementing a Quality‐Driven Pain Stewardship Program in the ED.

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Shared Decision Making Using the HEART Score and a Visual Aid in Patients Presenting with Chest Pain to a Community Emergency Department

Michael BoydArun GantiIn the United States, chest pain is one of the most common chief complaints, accounting for 5-8% of all Emergency Department visits. Classically, these patients have either been admitted to the hospital or observed in Chest Pain Observation Units. However, recent research suggests that many low risk chest pain patients can be discharged safely.

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Emergency Department Weekly Stand-up Quality Meetings Improves Cadence of Change

James HeilmanOur emergency department operations leadership was struggling with how to move departmental quality goals forward on a consistent basis. Equipment, staffing, and process problems were also not being resolved in a timely fashion. In September 2014, we implemented weekly stand-up meetings in our adult and pediatric emergency departments that have a combined annual volume of 50,000 patients.

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Quality & Patient Safety Committee 2015-16 Annual Report

Chair: Stephen V. Cantrill, MD, FACEP
Vice-Chair: Michael P. Phelan, MD, FACEP
Board Liaison: Vidor E. Friedman, MD, FACEP
Staff Liaison: Stacie Jones, MPH

1. Monitor quality initiatives and comment on behalf of ACEP to external organizations to ensure appropriateness of quality measures that impact the practice of emergency medicine, the emergency department, and the reimbursement of emergency physicians.

The QPSC submitted comments on quality measures that impact the emergency department including:

CMS: Safe Use of Opioids—Concurrent Prescribing measure.
CMS: Measures under Consideration 2015-2016
OP-21- Median Time to Pain Management for Long Bone Fracture
The Joint Commission: Acute Stroke Measures
New Endorsement and Ratification Process for comment

2. Develop and submit recommended measures and measure concepts to the Board of Directors through the multi-stakeholder Quality Measures Technical Expert Panel that protect and enhance emergency medicine.

a. Follow through on the development, specification, and testing of the ACEP Board approved or adopted measure concepts through NQF endorsement (optional) and CMS and MOC Part IV implementation.

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Letter from the Chair

Brenna FarmerWelcome to the ACEP QIPS newsletter. As the Chair of the section, I am looking forward to this year and what it has to bring for the section. We will be continuing our efforts to have an active, productive section. Josh Glazer, our Newsletter Editor, is already continuing the excellence with our newsletter. Jamie Santistevan, our Website Editor, has great things in store for updates to our section website and all it has to offer. Our Chair-Elect, Brian Sharp, is working on a new proposal and letter of intent for a Section Grant.

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QIPS TIPS #32: Cutting Edge Scheduling for ED Docs

Shari WelchTexas Harris Health Fort Worth is part of a 25 hospital system and one of the busiest emergency departments in the country. With 635 inpatient beds the hospital houses a 100-bed emergency department which treated 120,000 patients last year. Their admission rate is high at 24% and they have a high ambulance arrival rate (30%). The emergency department boasts five zones spread across 75,000 square feet. Even before moving to the new facility (the old one was only 1/3rd the size), the department had a reputation for service quality and efficiency.

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Time for Hospital-Wide Standardization of Team-Based Airway Management Safety

Drew Fuller_2017Currently, most hospitals lack standardization of airway management among individual providers, teams, units or facilities. The techniques and technology employed to manage airway emergencies vary significantly depending on the provider, Kenneth P. Rothfield_2017as well as the physical location (unit) of the patient in the facility. Institutions have typically relied on the individual skillset of the intubating clinician with few assurances that high reliability system safety processes were in place and utilized.

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QIPS Website Redesign

Jamie Santistevan_2017Hello QIPS members! I am currently completing my fellowship in ED Administration and Quality at the University of Wisconsin and I am the new QIPS Website Editor! I am looking forward to this new role and responsibility. My goal is to make the website as helpful and useful to our members as possible. I seek to regularly update the website with rich and relevant content including news and updates, tools for Quality Improvement work, links to useful and interesting websites and current and past QIPS projects.

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