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EMI Website Improvements

Ben Slovis, MD
Department of Emergency Medicine
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, NY
Department of Biomedical Informatics
Columbia University, New York, NY

Ben Slovis, MDAt the beginning of November 2016, the ACEP Emergency Medicine Informatics section began revising the section website for the benefit of its membership. While much remains to be improved, significant changes have been made. These enhancements will ultimately allow for the more streamlined delivery of news and events, keep members engaged and increase attendance at educational webinars. 

Much of the legacy information has been removed from the main page to allow for new and updated content. Section announcements are now easier to find, as are important Federal policy updates. Additionally, the Educational Resources and Webinars section has been updated with a new Webinars page containing non-flash content from presenters such as Dr. Ed Barthell and Dr. Nick Genes.

Further improvements are underway, including more useful content, reliable links and additional educational information. We’d like the membership of the EMI section to partake in these developments. Any additional suggestions or comments can be directed to Dr. Benjamin Slovis. Additionally, we would be interested in learning about what content you’d like to see discussed in our monthly webinars. Consider filling out our survey to suggest topics, and stay tuned for more improvements to the website. 

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