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EMI Grand Rounds

Jeffrey A. Nielson, MD, MS, FACEP
Western Reserve Hospital, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Jeff Nielson, MD, MSGrand rounds are now available on the ACEP Informatics Section website. The most recent Webinars are “Command Center Medicine”, “Digital Health” and “Patient Focused Clinical Support”. Watch for the announcement for the next announced Grand Rounds Webinar.

Command Center Medicine

Dr. Ed Barthell describes how software and associated technology can enable meta level oversight, predictive analytics and telemedicine interventions to improve patient flow in emergency departments.  The result is improved patient experience and provider satisfaction, better metrics, and positive financial results.

Digital Health Webinar by Dr. Nicholas Genes:

We hear a lot these days about “digital health” – things like mHealth apps and wearables, or social media applications for healthcare. How should emergency physicians (and informaticists) respond to the hype, all the investment? And how is digital health influencing the care we give, in the ED? The Informatics Section’s own Nick Genes recently presented this material in a webinar April 18th, providing the historical perspective, the evidence, and some reports of physicians in the ED and elsewhere using apps, wearables and social media for medical decision-making and improving preparedness. Plus, he gave a look at the future, where sophisticated algorithms can (hopefully) parse all this big data to help support our clinical decisions.

Patient Focused Clinical Support Tool

Dr. Fengler discusses creation of a CDS tool that improves patient care and accelerates provider workflow. His goal: to deliver to providers the information that matters when they truly need it, help them communicate more effectively with their patients, and more efficiently document in the EHR.  He created of a new kind of decision support tool where: 

  • The data, evidence, and recommendations are gathered, evaluated, and edited by leading experts. 
  • The information is patient-focused, allowing the provider to access data specific to each patient’s condition 
  • The tool is easily accessible, a delight to use, and actually enhances provider workflow. 
  • The results are graphic in nature and easy to share with the patient and the patient’s family…to achieve the very best patient experience. 

Watch for the next Webinar!

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