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MUSE - Medical Humanities Section Newsletter – Winter 2015

Verse & Visualizations   

An Arctic Blast

An arctic blast of cold air and low pressure has swept over the top of our little blue planet from Siberia and brought a memorable winter to most of the United States. It has engulfed us like a great big winter tsunami that has repeatedly pounded us with its frigid surf. The greater Boston/New England region has had record snowfall measured in feet not inches. Even South Beach saw a low of 39 degrees F. one evening. The wind howls, the snow and ice accumulate as we all plod through it all taking care not to slip and become another winter-claimed, orthopedic casualty.

Allow ACEP’s Section of Medical Humanities to help. Please let us take you on a more pleasant winter journey. Herein reside little day trips of inspiration created by our members for your perusal, sojourns of the soul as it were. Let them blanket you and provide you “…shelter from the storm.”

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Ebola Graffiti and Beat Ebola



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Frozen Lake Ontario

  FrozenLakeOntario  MoreFrozenLakeOntario

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Forever Girl

So lost in the
She left.
Her blinding grin
Stately stature
Warm velvet skin
Passion, poise

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An Artistic Hit (Lyrics)

I don't want to be an anomaly
I want others to get to this place too
I want to live on the fringe
but still hope 1000 retweeted tweets about what I've done

I want to hit the tipping point
Like a nail driven full on by a skilled carpenter
I want critics to say "but of course"
I want the youngsters to say "That's how I want to do it"

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 Emergitones  KaplanPoetryReadingDarrellLoony


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Section of Medical Humanities 2013-2014 Annual Report

Two newsletters were produced and posted online to section members in January 2014 and October 2014. The next newsletter is planned for spring 2015.

Facebook page
A section Facebook page was created in March 2014. Several section members and the section liaison are page managers, posting written articles and art and music pieces by section members as well as general announcements pertaining to the medical humanities.

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The Return of the Notebook

BaruchTechnology can be such a seductress, especially for creatives. Like many of my emergency physician colleagues, I’m always wrestling with time. As a writer, I’m always searching for tools to enhance my productivity and flexibility to work on the run. So I decided to commit to my iPad as a writing device, and the past few years I’ve been bug-eyed with all the writing and notetaking apps that claim to keep me connected across multiple platforms. I’m far from fluent in tech, but I enjoyed taking many writing apps for iPhone and iPad on test rides. But looking back, this experiment has succeeded in enhancing my work efficiency, but I fear that my work has also been less creative. I’ve produced a greater amount of less interesting work.

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The Borg

Like a marriage of Stalinism and Steven Jobs
The Borg Collective roared through the cosmos
In huge, green, externally plumbed cubes,
Wired as one,
More than a little paranoid,
And infused with a merciless agenda—
To assimilate every creature
Of whatever species
And spit out their egos in favor of the hive.

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Winter Sunrise - Kailua Beach, Hawaii


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Winter-North Shore. Oahu, Hawaii


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Suiting Up for Ebola


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Board Liaison Report

KaplanThe following is an update from your ACEP Board Liaison.
I am honored to once again be the Board Liaison for the Section of Medical Humanities. Part of my responsibility as your Board Liaison is to work with other College leaders to ensure that you have the opportunities to give your patients great care and to give yourself a great life. I want to report to you what the ACEP Board has been involved in on your behalf.

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Annual Section Meeting Minutes

Summary of Section Meeting at ACEP14 in Chicago

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