Prevent Halloween Hazards

09HalloweenHazards1Years ago, the United Nations Children’s Fund identified Halloween as a prime opportunity to engage children in collecting small change door-to-door in what became known as "trick-or-treat for UNICEF." Similarly, the fire service has piggy-backed on the switch to change our clocks from daylight savings to standard time to remind consumers to change the batteries in their smoke alarms.

Halloween is a great time to promote your EMS service, too, especially if you focus on topics naturally associated with Halloween, such as preventing burns from candles and jack-o-lanterns and making sure kids (and adults!) indulge in moderation when eating from their trick-or-treat bags. Consider these activities:

arrow redHost a touch-a-truck event called Truck-or-Treat

arrow redInvite families to the station for supervised pumpkin carving and tips on safely using carving tools and candles in their Halloween displays

arrow redPartner with a chimney sweep and the local fire department to check fireplace ventilation in neighborhood homes


Community Partners

If burn prevention is your focus for October, work hand-in-hand with your local fire prevention officer. For a more obesity-minded message, reach out to local pediatricians. Poison control also has been involved in trick-or-treat safety in many communities and may be interested in a partnership. Shopping malls may want to work with you on events that offer alternatives to traditional Halloween night activities. Finally, check out the touch-a-truck tips. Events involving large vehicles offer more opportunities to partner with local businesses. Fire prevention resources can be found online at and

How to Host a Truck-or-Treat Event

Children, particularly pre-schoolers, love trucks, ambulances, fire engines and other vehicles that perform a service. Here are some tips on how to host a Truck-or-Treat event.

09HalloweenHazards3arrow redIdentify a strategic location, such as a city or township park, and get permits, if necessary.

arrow redInvite municipal departments and private companies with interesting large vehicles to join you and your ambulance for the event. Cool trucks include fire vehicles, earth movers, dump trucks, cement mixers, and trucks with birds¡¦ nest baskets.

arrow redAsk vehicle owner/operators to have their vehicles washed, dried and polished, if possible.

arrow redContact concessionaires and invite them to set up their concession stands at the event, or do it yourself as a way to raise money.

arrow redCoordinate activities with the local school districts and service agencies and allow them to put up tables for information and fund-raising.

arrow redContact local media. Remember the who, what, why, when and where rule when giving information to the media.

arrow redDon¡¦t forget: Touch-a-Truck events are popular yearround and may work best when the weather is warm. Plan your event accordingly.


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