Children's Outreach Activities

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- 2/25/2015

(And Adults Read Them Too) Parkland Ambulance Care, Ltd. in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, has come up with an effective and inexpensive way to distribute life-saving information thanks to the old adage, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Parkland Director of Public Information and External Se

EMS Mascots Make a Big Impression Bears! Dogs! Dinosaurs! Oh my! EMS mascots are everywhere, bringing cheer and friendly faces to what can be a scary business of lights, sirens and accidents. The Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps in Hoboken, New Jersey, has adopted a volunteer's six-year-old Labrador Retriever,

Looking for finger foods for your open house? There's no better way to interest older kids and teenagers in EMS than to gross them out. With gelatin brains, hearts and eyeballs, kids can hold a life-giving organ in their own hands - albeit a slippery, slimy, inanimate one. These "ick"-inducing foods and drinks will in

Children are a natural audience for your community outreach activities, and EMS agencies are always looking for new and different EMS Week activities to appeal to their smallest stakeholders. The next few pages explore a number of different EMS Week ideas that appeal to children of all ages. A great way to reach

Fortunately, EMS Week is typically a warm and sunny time of year, making outdoor activities a great way to draw attention to emergency medical concerns. If injury prevention is a priority for you, consider hosting a bicycle rodeo. "Bike rodeos teach children about bike safety, proper helmet use, bicycle control, b

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