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Democratic Group Practice Section Newsletter - September 2015

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From the Editor

Edward Boudreau Jr

Dear colleagues,

My name is Ed Boudreau. I have been given the opportunity to fill some dedicated shoes from previous editors of the Section Newsletter for the Democratic Group Practice (DGP) section of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). Having joined ACEP in 1979, I believe I have the perspective to say that we have never faced as many challenges as a specialty and most certainly as a section.

As I am writing this I am in South Africa. I am working with a team of dedicated physicians, nurses and engineers to understand the opportunities and begin to transform the process of care delivery at the third largest hospital in the world. Clearly the professionals here are some of the most dedicated I have ever met. As I look at what they do, day in and day out, and come back for more I recognize the thought processes, mind set and resilience I have only seen in one other group. Emergency providers. It is, I believe, a professionalism that I now know transcends cultures and borders.

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Quality Review in a Democratic Group

Regardless of whichever group practice model you work in, a “pay for performance” structure is coming, if not already here. Emergency physicians will be held to high standards in the form of patient satisfaction scores, quality, and resource utilization. Failure to meet these metrics will have a negative impact on reimbursement for the ED physician as part of a Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) and for the hospital as part of value based purchasing. Subpar patient satisfaction metrics may even result in the loss of an ED contract.

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Meet the Candidates - Council to Elect Leaders

Prior to the annual ACEP conference, new leaders for the College are elected at the Council Meeting. The Council will elect four members to the ACEP Board of Directors and ACEP’s President-Elect on Sunday, October 25th.

An article “2015 ACEP Elections Preview: Meet the Board of Directors Candidates” was published in the September issue of ACEP Now.

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From the Section Chair

The world of democratic practices is getting much more complicated. Healthcare reform along with a changing marketplace has created different challenges for our members. I am inviting all members of our section to the ACEP Democratic Group Section meeting on October 27th from 10:00 am-1:00 pm for a panel discussion of a multitude of issues including bundled payments, value based healthcare, private equity and public merger activity, and subsidization by emergency medicine groups of other specialties.

Please also be aware of several other items that our section will be influencing. On October 24th our section will be represented on a panel discussion at the ACEP Council Town Hall meeting discussing “Mergers and Acquisitions, The Shark Tank.” I will also be participating in a virtual roundtable discussion on group structure and what democracy means and doesn’t mean from a group function standpoint. This discussion will be highlighted in a two-part series in ACEP Now. Look for the first article in the ACEP15 edition.

These are just some of the ways that our section is working to empower and educate our members so they can protect their practice model. Please come to the Town Hall meeting and the DGP Section meeting and participate!

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Democratic Groups Drive Adaptive Culture

Driving east on interstate 94 during a road trip last month gave me a chance to catch up on my Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) talks ( One particularly intriguing TED talk was on leadership by Simon Sinek.

During the talk Mr. Sinek describes how Captain William Swenson received the Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroism. Captain Swenson’s company came under ambush and was surrounded on three sides by enemy fire. Captain Swenson ran into enemy fire to rescue his fellow soldiers multiple times. Simon Sinek wonders where these people come from. Are they better people? Do people who go into the military have more of a concept of service?

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