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Democratic Group Practice Section Newsletter - September 2007, Vol 1, #2


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Democratic Group Practice Section Meeting at Scientific Assembly

Make plans to attend the Democratic Group Practice Section Meeting!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Room 307-308, Washington State Convention and Trade Center

Come join your colleagues to discuss the issues most pertinent to democratic groups.

Be sure to check the schedule on-site as meeting times and location could change.





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From the Chair

George Molzen, MD FACEP

George Molzen, MD, FACEP

In the last newsletter, I outlined a general overview (from my perspective) of ACEP’s support for its members who practice in a democratic group. As I discussed last time, the definition of what a democratic group really is (is it having an equity stake in the company? is it having a vote? is it having an equal vote? can a Kaiser physician who is in a multispecialty group be considered a member of a democratic group?) is being debated within the section. I suspect in the end, we will develop a very broad definition with multiple subcategories. However, further discussion on this issue will be saved for a future newsletter.

So while the definition of "a democratic emergency medicine group" is unclear even to members of the section, one thing I hope we can agree on is the difference between a small group and a regional or national group. Most small groups are democratic, although there are small groups which are hospital employed or single/limited contract holder groups.

For those ACEP members of small democratic groups, ACEP has some concrete help. I mentioned documents developed by ACEP that are designed to help just these members in the last newsletter. As a reminder, some of the best are:

One other recent development started, I am proud to say while I was President of ACEP, is ACEP’s Emergency Department Director’s Academy (EDDA). Many large groups have their own course, but prior to this educational opportunity from ACEP, medical directors from small groups did not have a similar resource. While any member can take the course, this opportunity is targeted at those in small groups to help level the playing field and help them compete. To be fair, many of the large groups contributed to the development of this course by allowing some of their medical director or principles to participate in its development.

Just as large groups do not really need the information in the documents mentioned above, they really do not need the medical director’s course. But ACEP recognized this need of small groups, most of them democratic. This is, I would submit, another example of ACEP’s efforts to help democratic groups in a way that is not offered by any other emergency medicine organization. This course has the added benefit of helping standardize the basic information used by medical directors across the country.

One goal of this section is to serve as a forum for information exchange. It is my hope that we can support each other in this area as well. Learning from each other the best practices in emergency department administration will build on the basic information of the EDDA.

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the upcoming section meeting at the ACEP Scientific Assembly in Seattle.



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