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Democratic Group Practice Section Newsletter - October 2016

How Did we Become a Commodity? Is your Contract Vulnerable?


From the Editor

In 1979, as a newly minted Captain in the Army Medical Corp, I was attending a Comprehensive Review of Emergency Medicine (CREM) course in Pittsburgh. During a panel discussion between trauma surgeons, thoracic surgeons and a talented young ED physician from Michigan, Dr. Greg Henry, a staff member interrupted the spirited discussion to announce that the American Board of Medical Specialties had approved the development of the American Board of Emergency Medicine.

In May of this year I received notice from ABEM that I was a member of a small but growing group of physicians who have maintained Board Certification by ABEM for 30 years. With this there has been time to reflect on the past 30 years in emergency medicine. At the end of a period of retrospection I found that I was left feeling a bit cranky about a couple things. 

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Annual Section Meeting at ACEP16


Come Join Your Colleagues for the Democratic Group Practice Section Meeting in Las Vegas

Monday, October 16th
10 am to 1 pm

Room: Tradewinds C
Mandalay Bay Convention Center

Meeting presentation by Jay Kaplan, MD, FACEP, ACEP President - “ACEP Supports Democratic Groups” and Panel Discussion on Intergenerational Transition of Democratic Groups. 

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DGP Section Survey

A survey was sent to Section members in June 2016 with a reminder in July. The survey responses will be discussed at the section meeting in Las Vegas. The following questions were included:

1. What type of group do you practice in? (check one)

  • Single Site Democratic Emergency Medicine
  • Multi-Site Democratic Emergency Medicine
  • Multiple Specialty group (EM, hospitalist, and/or anesthesia…)
  • Academic Practice
  • Employed non-academic practice
  • Not currently practicing medicine
  • Other

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Election of Officers

The Democratic Group Practice Section will elect officers during the annual meeting at ACEP 16 in Las Vegas. The term of office for section leaders is two years. If you or someone you know has an interest in serving as an officer for the DGP Section, please notify Savoy Brummer, MD, DGP Section Chair or Margaret Montgomery, staff liaison.

Nominations from the floor will be accepted for the following offices:  

  • Chair-elect
  • Secretary/Newsletter Editor
  • Councillor

Officer responsibilities can be reviewed in the Section Operational Guidelines and can be accessed at this Link

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