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Democratic Group Practice Section Newsletter - March 2017

 Democratic Group Perspectives on the Situation at Summa


Summa Health Care Transition

The ACEP Democratic Group practice section has been following the Summa Health Emergency Department story very closely. It is our section’s belief that patients get the best care when dedicated physicians actively involved in managing the practice are involved in department decisions. The decisions not only include point of service patient care decisions, but also group and hospital level decisions such as patient protocols and staffing patterns. A democratic group with actively engaged members is best able to accomplish these goals. 

The dust still hasn’t settled, but it appears that the results of the Summa Health negotiations weren’t the outcomes that any of the stakeholders would have wanted, and certainly wasn’t in the best interest of patients or residents.

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ACEP 2016 Democratic Group Practice Section Meeting Recap - Message from the Chair:

At the first Democratic Group Practice Section meeting I attended we spent a long time discussing if we would have enough members to maintain our status as a section. We certainly have come a long way with great panel discussions and new members adding new ideas to the section. Thanks to those who attended the meeting last October and special thanks to our outgoing immediate past chair Savoy Brummer MD FACEP who has served as chair of the section for the past two years. Highlights from this year included….

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2017 Section Goals

1) Increase Membership in the Section by 10%
2) Increase Attendance at Section Meeting by 30%
3) Publish at Least Two Newsletters
4) Outreach to Residency Groups or Residency Programs
5) Explore the Possibility of Submitting Question for Board and President Selection

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Contract Transitions in the Wake of Summa

By now you have likely read something about the Summa Healthcare System and the ED contract transition that occurred Jan. 1st. Viewpoints, opinions & some time stamped facts abound in the media and on the internet. ACEP Now has allowed both ED contracted parties (SEA & USACS) to answer questions from their own viewpoint… it’s worth the read.

Contract stability and their transitions are a paramount importance to the Democratic Group Practice Section. Please understand that ACEP has been equally engaged since day one. Numerous contacts have taken place between the involved parties & ACEP leadership. The Board of Directors has discussed extensively the circumstances.

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New Section Officers

Michael L Becker MD FACEP FAAEM
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Section Chair  

Rob Thomas MD
Minneapolis, MN  

Freeport, Maine
Secretary/Newsletter Editor 

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