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Democratic Group Practice Section Newsletter – October 2012

circle_arrowMake plans to attend the Democratic Group Practice Section Meeting - Democratic Group Practice Section Newsletter, October 2012
circle_arrowBig Bad Bundlers - Democratic Group Practice Section Newsletter, October 2012
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Make plans to attend the Democratic Group Practice Section Meeting - Democratic Group Practice Section Newsletter, October 2012

If you are attending Scientific Assembly in Denver come join your colleagues for lunch and participate in the discussion about Democratic Group Practice.

Democratic Group Practice Section Meeting at SA
Tuesday, October 9, 2012
11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Hyatt Regency Denver (HQ Hotel)
Capitol 5, 4th Level
Be sure to check the schedule on-site as meeting time and location could change.

Special thanks to Emergency Medical Associates for sponsoring lunch.

Election of Officers

  • Election of officers will be held during the section meeting at Scientific Assembly. If you have an interest in serving as an officer for the DGP Section, please notify Ray Iannaccone, MD, FACEP, DGP Section Chair or Margaret Montgomery, staff liaison.

Nominations from the floor will be accepted for the following offices:

• Chair-elect
• Secretary/Newsletter Editor
• Councillor

Big Bad Bundlers - Democratic Group Practice Section Newsletter, October 2012

Savoy Brummer M.D.

Democratic and independent emergency medicine groups across the country have come under pressure from administrators. Contract owners have been getting the ominous call from hospital administrators asking them to come discuss the future of their group. Surprisingly they are not told that their contract is going out to bid, rather they are being asked to take on the hospitalist group at their hospital... for free.

Indeed, large venture capitalist funded and publicly traded equity groups are knocking on the door of hospital administrators telling them that their organization will take on both the hospitalist and the emergency department service lines, with no cost for the hospitalist group. Understanding that hospitalist groups are much more expensive than emergency medicine groups, this leads to a potentially devastating financial sacrifice. Emergency medicine physician groups are being asked to partially or wholly subsidize the hospitalist physicians.

This is not easy. Many independent groups do not have the monetary reserves to manage such adaptation. Emergency physician salaries can be cut by 25% - 30% and groups are losing well qualified and educated emergency physicians. This is leading to a targeted assault of large funded institutions on venerable democratic independent models.

Democratic groups have been assessing this threat in several ways. Some have taken on the cost of hospitalist contracts and their equity value has decreased as well as emergency physician salaries. Several larger democratic groups have the economies of scale to manage this new service line and have decided to grow their hospitalist service lines to protect them from outside threats. Some smaller independent groups have joined larger democratic groups seeking preservation of their practice model. However, many others left their hospitals and closed shop.

It is important for every democratic group to proactively discuss the health of their hospitalist service with hospital administrators and their partner hospitalists. Hospital administrators looking for bottom line improvement sometimes fail to recognize that this practice limits the recruiting and retention opportunities for their emergency departments. Being vigilant communicators with the medical staff and administrators, improving the synergy of the ED and hospitalist groups that currently exist, maintaining communication with other democratic groups that have dealt with similar challenges and showcasing the talents of the emergency physicians within their group are several means to empower democratic groups going forward.

Attend the Sections Showcase during Scientific Assembly


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Lobby D, Colorado Convention Center
Tuesday, October 9
11:15 am - 12:15 pm

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