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THE UNIT: The Official Newsletter of the ACEP Critical Care Section - Summer 2015

Volume 16, Issue 3

The Future is Now: The University of Michigan Opens its New ED-Based Intensive Care Unit

John_LitellLast February, after years of groundwork and multidisciplinary collaboration, the University of Michigan began treating patients in its new Emergency Critical Care Center (EC3). This nine-bed intensive care unit embedded within the emergency department (ED)—one of the first of its kind in the United States—was made possible through the vision of department leadership, vigorous support from the university, and a generous gift from the Joyce and Don Massey Family Foundation.

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What it’s like to work EM-CCM in a community setting: Living the dream, living the reality

JobSatisfactionAlthough I’m honored to write about my experience as an emergency and critical care medicine doc in the community, I hardly think my experience represents anything typical. That’s because there is no typical experience. EM-CCM represents a bunch of adventurers forging a trail where none exists, and my sense is that we all make it up, and then make it work as we go along.

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In Search of Respectful Discourse

EvieMarcoliniHave you been able to pick up the newspaper lately without reading about some special interest group maligning another, or ad hominem remarks directed toward someone or some group? Whether it is “vaccinators” against “non-vaccinators,” Democrats vs Republicans or groups that are divided along lines of ethnicity, religion, or economic standing. The diversity of opinion has gone to a new level; and people define themselves publicly along lines that once were considered differences of opinion, not to be debated in polite company, much less publicized.

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Section Elections

The ACEP Critical Care Medicine Section will elect officers prior to the annual meeting to be held during ACEP15 in Boston, MA, October 27, 2015. Election results will be announced at the meeting.

· Enthusiastic;
· Willing to set the leadership pace; and
· Willing to tackle the important issues?

If you -- or someone you know -- is interested in sub-specialization in critical care medicine and in the interface between emergency medicine and critical care medicine, and you are willing to serve as a leader of the Section then WE WANT YOU!

Officer terms are two years. The positions now open for nomination are:
• Chair Elect
• Secretary/Newsletter Editor
• Website Editor

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The Unit is produced by the ACEP Critical Care Medicine Section

Newsletter Editor: Nick Mohr, MD, FACEP
Associate Editor: Joseph Tonna, MD
Associate Editor: Raghu Seethala, MD
Assistant Editor: Michael Haarstad, MD

If you are interested in contributing to The Unit, please contact Nick Mohr via email.

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Life After Fellowship, Part II: Finding a Job

RaghuSeethala2015This article is the second in a three-part series on finding the perfect EM/CCM job. We continue to be interested in the many models of jobs and training programs, so please feel free to send us articles and submissions on your job structure or your program.

DreamJobOur previous article in this series explored the types of jobs that exist for dual trained emergency medicine (EM)/critical care medicine (CCM) physicians. In this installment of the series we will summarize the variety of venues that are used in finding jobs for EM/CCM physicians.

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University of Iowa Critical Care Medicine Fellowship

NickMohrSpecialty certification pathway: Anesthesia

Length of fellowship:
2 years

Number of fellows: 1-2 per year.

Curriculum (4-week blocks)


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Board Certification Dates

For candidates seeking an upcoming board exam, click 'Read More' for the application deadlines.

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Make a Difference: Write that Council Resolution!

Many College members introduce new ideas and current issues to ACEP through Council resolutions. This may sound daunting to our newer members, but the good news is that only takes two ACEP members to submit a resolution for Council consideration. In just a few months the ACEP Council will meet and consider numerous resolutions.

ACEP’s Council, the major governing body for the College, considers resolutions annually in conjunction with Scientific Assembly. During this annual meeting, the Council considers many resolutions, ranging from College regulations to major policy initiatives thus directing fund allocation. This year there are 365 councillors representing chapters, sections, AACEM, CORD, EMRA, and SAEM.

The Council meeting is your opportunity to make an impact and influence the agenda for the coming years. If you have a hot topic that you believe the College should address, now is the time to start writing that resolution.

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