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THE UNIT: The Official Newsletter of the ACEP Critical Care Medicine Section - Fall 2017

Employment Task Force, ED-ICUs, Fellowship Review, and Farewell

Wanted: A Better Lit Path

Since its inception, the task force has been exploring the employment experiences of EM/CCM physicians and devising strategies to address barriers. Through interviews with employment stakeholders, including attending physicians in both academic and community medicine, fellows engaged in a multitude of training pathways, employers, and recruiters, it is abundantly clear that there are multiple complex forces influencing the employment experience of EM/CCM physicians. Most of the issues identified were expected, however, a few were unforeseen and multifaceted.

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Notes from the Chair-Elect

Every summer, we start turning our attention to planning for our fall Annual Meeting. This year, though, we are also wrapping up the first year of a new initiative of our section, the EM/CCM Employment Initiative.

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Two Year Review and Farewell

It has been a remarkable and fast paced two years. Anyone wanting to learn the process of people management, authorship, efficiency, productivity, article editing, and leadership should most certainly take on the role of newsletter editor. Working inside of the shoes of Nicholas Mohr, our last newsletter editor and incoming section chair, was difficult and exciting. I took on the role wanting to get experience in generating and disseminating ideas through producing and editing written works in the field of emergency critical care. I was not disappointed. I have, without a doubt, used this as launch pad for a research career. The relationships I have established and nurtured are invaluable and have facilitated collaborations and my own growth as a junior faculty. The field has grown SO rapidly. Being able to put my finger on the pulse of new ideas, upcoming leaders, and interact with the giants of our field has been an invaluable and irreplaceable experience. And a lot of hard work.

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Emergency Department Intensive Care Units—A Niche Offering or the Future of Critical Care?

The increase in emergency medicine trained residents pursuing critical care fellowship training has necessarily resulted in a broad reconsideration of the role that emergency departments should play in the care of the critically ill. While traditionally these emergency physician intensivists have worked inpatient ICUs, many are looking to elevate the care of the emergency department patient, in the emergency department. Increased emergency department length of stay due to boarding has only made this issue more important.

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ACEP17 in Washington, DC

We hope you will plan to attend the section meeting, which is scheduled for Monday, October 30h from 1:00 to 5:00 pm at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in the Marquis Ballroom, Salon 6. A social/networking get together will follow immediately after the meeting. The meeting will include a business portion (update on section activities, election results announced), panel discussion, and Rising Star Presentations.

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