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Critical Care Medicine Section Newsletter - Winter 2013

PDF version of the Winter 2013 newsletter available here for download.

Notes from the Chair

Marcolini_9-13We can look back on our recent history and congratulate the leaders of this section over the years who have taken us from a collection of EM physicians interested in critical care (how dare we?) to a strong and multi-talented group of leaders in our field who have helped to jump the giant hurdle of board certification in all three of the major critical care specialty areas.

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Board Certification News

 Raghu_SeethalaIt is an exciting time to be an emergency medicine (EM) physician pursuing a career in critical care medicine (CCM). Just two years ago, a pathway did not exist for CCM certification in the US for EM physicians. Today, EM physicians seeking advanced training in CCM are faced with the dilemma of which pathway to choose.

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EMRA Update

 Nick_JohnsonIt’s a busy and exciting time for the Emergency Medicine Residents’ Association (EMRA) Critical Care Division! With new training and certification opportunities, interest in critical care among residents and students continues to grow. Our division members remain involved in an array of projects to promote interest in critical care among EM residents.

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EM-CCM and Social Media: The Future is Now

 John_LitellFew medical specialties can rival emergency medicine and critical care in the volume and richness of their content on the social media landscape. In the last several years a vigorous and global virtual community of educators and clinicians has taken form. On blogs and social media websites the available EM and CC content has rocketed forward, and it is remarkable to think that just a few short years ago it felt innovative to belong to simple discussion forums and email distribution lists.

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Calling all Contributors & Help Us Name the Newsletter!

The editorial staff is looking for the following contributions for upcoming ACEP-CCM Newsletters:

  • News
  • EM-CCM Job Listings
  • Point-Counterpoint Articles
  • Tips and Tricks

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They Come for Life Not Death: An Interview with Dr. Emanuel Rivers

Emanuel RiversEmanuel Rivers, MD

In this issue we are rolling out a new column to highlight greats in the EM-CCM universe. Mentorship is critical in medicine, and we are blessed to have an inspiring group of mentors in our specialty. For this inaugural interview, we called an EM-CCM specialist who has become almost a household name: Dr. Emanuel Rivers from Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan.

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Recap from the Annual Meeting

 Shiber_smallWe had a great section meeting in Seattle at ACEP13 (Scientific Assembly) and I want to thank all of you for making it a success. Our section continues to grow and now has nearly 800 members, tying us with Pediatric-EM for the 4th largest section (behind International EM, Emergency Ultrasound, and EMS sections).

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Meet Your Editorial Team

Nick_Mohr_2013 Thank you for your continued participation and commitment to the ACEP-CCM section for another year. As our membership continues to grow both in numbers and professional diversity, we are working to expand the newsletter to better serve our membership as a national voice, platform, and tool for communication among emergency medicine-intensivists.

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‘Sen’timents: There is Music in the Air

 AyanSen“I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning.” -J. B. Priestley

AM was 84 years old. He was admitted after a TAVR procedure to the ICU. He was extubated postoperatively but got into trouble on day 1…the ugly tentacles of pulmonary edema due to diastolic dysfunction ensnared him and he went back on the ventilator. It turned out that he wanted to be DNR in case of cardiac arrest…..

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