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Critical Care Medicine Section Newsletter - May 2013

PDF version of the May 2013 newsletter available here for download.

Editorial: ‘Sen’timents


I have been rounding in the Abdominal Transplant ICU of late. A busy unit with a great case-mix of patients. I was delighted to find that I had medical students and residents on the team. I wanted to perfect my rounding skills, which I believe to be an art form, prior to my transition into the big world of being an attending physician. “Rounding” may be a slightly alien process for ED physicians.

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Quality and EM-CCM: A tete-a-tete with Julius Pham

PhamHow did you decide to do CCM after EM? What is your practice pattern?
After coming from Henry Ford, you kind of have a critical care slant. The critically ill were my favorite patients. What else was I going to do? I spend about 1/3 of my time doing CCM. 1/3 EM. 1/3 research.

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From the SCCM

Updates from the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) Emergency Medicine Section

Ellender2013The Emergency Medicine Section of the Society of Critical Care Medicine would like to thank our ACEP sister section for the opportunity to provide an update on our recent activities. On Sunday, January 20th, our Section held its annual business meeting at the SCCM 42nd Critical Care Congress in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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Evie’s Corner: Mentoring in EM-CCM


“We had this great case today! 48 yo male with history of smoking and HTN, found down by wife at 4 pm, seen earlier in usual (good) state of health, but now completely unresponsive and mildly hypertensive. No signs of trauma, normal fingerstick and no explanation for his condition.

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Letters: Resident Liability in Medical Malpractice

Shiber_smallI read with interest the outstanding article by RA Bailey in the January issue of Annals on resident liability in medical malpractice and would like to make some comments.(1) The author correctly states that “the attending physician… has the ultimate responsibility in supervising the resident.” More than this fact, they also have the ultimate responsibility for all clinical care which is why I want to mention two possible resident/attending scenarios.

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Showcase: Destination Gainesville

Gainesville: Home of the Gators. Kevin Ferguson MD, FACEP, Marie-Carmelle Elie MD, FACEP and Rohit Patel MD highlight EM-CCM and the Fellowship at University of Florida, Gainesville, FL.

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Kudos to the Stalwarts!!

H Bryant Nguyen MD, MS was appointed a full Professor of Emergency Medicine and Medicine, Critical Care at Loma Linda University.

Todd Slesinger MD, FACEP, FCCM needs no introduction.

Scott Weingart MD, FACEP, Joseph Shiber MD, FACEP and Isaac Tawil MD, FACEP were bestowed with the prestigious Fellowship of the Critical Care Medicine at San Juan in January.

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Chair’s Notes

Shiber_smallAt the recent Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) Annual Congress in San Juan there were several very successful and productive events for the EM-CCM community. I would like to recognize the outstanding leadership of the SCCM EM Section for their roles in developing these events - Chair: Tim Ellender, Immediate Past-Chair: Julie Mayglothling, Chair-Elect: Isaac Tawil, and Secretary/Treasurer: Brian Wessman.

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Halting “The COB”

MasoI know this sounds familiar: An 87 yo female presents via EMS from her nursing home for “altered mental status” times one day. EMS isn’t quite sure of her baseline mental status but states she does have dementia, history of previous CVA, indwelling Foley, Peg tube, COPD, and “a few stents,” oh and yes, she’s a “Full Code.” When I call the nursing home, staff tells me that at baseline “she sometimes can tell us her name, but today she couldn’t” so they decided to call the ambulance.

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It’s Official!

“Diplomates of the AOBEM may sit for the Critical Care Medicine examination”  

AxelbandAs of the past BOS meeting, Osteopathic EM residency graduates with additional training in Critical Care Medicine are now recognized by the ACOI as candidates for the Critical Care Medicine CAQ.

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Looking Glass: A Vision for Ultrasound

OwensThere is no doubt that clinician-performed ultrasonography has taken the medical world by storm. Technology that was once completely within the purview of radiologists has worked its way into the ED, the intensive care unit, and even into outpatient practice. Professional societies offer training courses and there are commercial enterprises that will teach physicians how to perform rapid, accurate bedside ultrasound for diagnostic and procedural purposes.

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EM at Crossroads: a Book Review

weingart0910Emergency medicine in the United States is at a crossroads. The purpose of the emergency physician is being determined as we speak by legislators and hospital administrators. Our role in the hospital is slowly being forced to evolve to that of a provider of primary care, available without appointment, 24 hours a day. This is laudable and a boon for patients; it is however very different than the original purpose of our specialty.

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EMRA PressorDex

EMRA PressorDex now available for download to your iPhone or iPad….just when you need it; yes, even in the Resuscitation Bay!! 

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