Saving Millions Test

In an effort to help the public and lawmakers understand the unique role of the emergency department team and to bolster support to overcome the many challenges we face, ACEP launched a campaign in May 2013 called “Saving Millions” with a series of print ads, radio messages and coordinated editorials in influential communications nationwide.
Emergency departments are the hub for medical issues that come up suddenly and urgently, whether it’s the aftermath of a mass casualty event like the bombings in Boston, or a growing number of patients being referred by primary care doctors.
1. Passage of legislation to provide liability protections for emergency and on-call physicians (who provide EMTALA-related services) by classifying them as federal employees under the Public Health Safety Act 2. Passage of legislation to repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board 3. Passage of legislation to modify the Medicare 3-day hospital inpatient requirement
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