Spring 2010

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New Sports Medicine Lecture Series Available

Looking to fill a curriculum gap? ACEP's Sports Medicine Section created a lecture series on the most common and the most serious medical illnesses and injuries associated with athletes and physically active individuals.

Topics include:

  • Cardiac Conditions in Athletes
  • Head and Neck Injuries in Athletes
  • Musculoskeletal Examination
  • Overuse Injuries
  • Pediatric Sports Injuries

Important Resource for Residents Is Free

Did you know? There's an ACEP member benefit that's available to all your residents who are members-a complimentary online subscription to Critical Decisions in Emergency Medicine.

Critical Decisions offers two clinical lessons each month (on topics from "The Model of the Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine"), synopses of articles on the current ABEM LLSA reading list, and brief reviews of images, ECGs, and drugs pertinent to emergency medicine practice. Because Critical Decisions focuses on case-based learning, it can be a great teaching tool. If your residents are not receiving these issues, they can simply send an e-mail to cdem@acep.org with their correct e-mail address, and ACEP will ensure your residents have this tool. 
Check out a recent issue (www.acep.org/samplecdem) and review what your residents are getting. And, if you don't have your own subscription, subscribe today at www.ACEP.org/CriticalDecisions.

ACEP LLSA Resource Center Now Includes 2011 Articles 

The ACEP LLSA Resource Center has new tools to help you prepare for your annual LLSA tests and maintain your ABEM certification. There are now 11 articles on the 2011 Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment Reading List, summaries of the articles on the 2010 list, and handouts from lectures on the 2009 list.

The ACEP LLSA Resource Center is one of the most valuable benefits of your ACEP membership. If you've never used it, take a few minutes to do so right now. You'll find the list of all current readings (the 2008 through 2011 lists); information on the CCME-ACEP program EM:Prep; information on LLSA prep programs hosted by chapters; and links to LLSA-specific pages on the ABEM Web site.

Then, for ACEP members only is the really good stuff - the articles themselves - all 61 of them, which you won't find anywhere else all in one place for no extra charge. The members-only area also contains article summaries published in Critical Decisions in Emergency Medicine and the handouts from the LLSA lectures at the 2009 Scientific Assembly.

How can you get it all? Go to the LLSA Resource Center - www.ACEP.org/llsa. Click on the links for the information you want. If you want something in the "Resources Available to ACEP Members Only," you'll need to log in with your ACEP user name and password. If you've never done that before, just follow the instructions on the sign-in page. If you need more help, call ACEP Member Services, 800-798-1822, ext. 5.

And if you have comments, questions, or suggestions for improvement, e-mail us at LLSAResourceCenter@acep.org.


Top 10 Mistakes When Changing Jobs, How to Avoid Them


Listen in to James G. Adams, MD, FACEP, talk about the Top 10 Mistakes Emergency Physicians Make When Switching Jobs and How to Avoid Them. "Most emergency physicians will change their jobs at least once in their career. Whether you are taking your first job out of residency, or making a mid-life career change, these phases of transition can present unique difficulties and challenges for the emergency physician," says Dr. Adams.

This archived course uses real-world examples from coping with new ED information systems and charting platforms to working with new colleagues and staff to identify the top ten mistakes you will make and offers strategies to help you avoid them. Find out more about Dr. Adams and the presentation here, or listen in here

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