Faculty Development: Administrative Skills

Educational Skills | Administrative Skills | Research Skills | Professional Skills

CPC Conference
Residency Program Resources
Residency Visit Request
Securing GME Funding for Outside Rotations
Model of the Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine

Academic Affairs and Medical Legal Committee Webinars

Litigation FAQs
Pediatric Fever
Tips to Avoid a Lawsuit
Risk Management
Chest Pain Liability
Asset Protection

Deposition FAQS
Frequently Asked Questions during a Deposition

Top Ten Documentation Mistakes
Dr. Greg Henry and Dr. Gillian Schmitz
Preparing for a Deposition
Dr. Greg Henry and Dr. Gillian Schmitz discussing deposition dos and don'ts
Financial Planning
Dr. Abhi Mehrortra, MD, FACEP, discusses planning financial future.
The Nuts and Bolts of RVUs and Reimbursement
Dr. Michael Gramovsky explains Relative Value Units, how they pertain to reimbursement and how emergency physicians can generate revenue.
Incentive Based Compensation: Show me the Money
Dr. Thom Mayer reviews the various incentive based compensation structures used in emergency medicine.

Milestones Assessment Video

Communicating with Consultants in the Emergency 
    Department:Proper Sandbox Etiquette-presented by 
    Dr. Chad Kessler and the Academic Affairs Committee. (video below)






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