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Simply complete the 2-part application and promote a wellness culture within your department/organization while doing it.

Fun prizes, including iEMwell T-shirts, a commemorative plaque, bragging rights, and a write-up in ACEP Now will feature the winning teams. The lead organizer for each winning team receives free registration to ACEP18!


Email the completed form to

Important Deadlines

Page 1 due by March 1, 2018
Page 2 due by March 31, 2018

Goal #1: Creation of a Wellness Mission Statement

  • Mission statement for the community department or residency based group with focus on the well-being of all its members
  • Signed and endorsed by ED Medical Director or Residency Leader
  • Best to get started right away! If your department already has a wellness mission statement, that’s great. If not, draft some ideas and discuss with leadership. Submit your mission statement along with the registration form.
  • Judgement of wellness mission statement will center around inclusivity, attainability, and how such a mission supports the wellbeing of EM physicians and/or residents.

Goal #2: Demonstration of Department- or Residency-Based Wellness Culture

  • Between now and the conclusion of Wellness Week 2018, take this opportunity to implement a new program, trial your latest wellness idea, or encourage utilization of existing wellness resources available to your team members.
  • Strive for concepts that are manageable, sustainable, and available to all team members. Ideas might include making healthy snacks and fresh water easily accessible, issuing your own wellness or fitness group challenge during Wellness Week 2018, developing a protocol so that each physician can take a 10-minute break during their shift, or implementing a formal peer support network, etc.
  • Pick two of the following to submit that document the wellness activities, programs, and resources that the department (or residency) provides or supports:
    • Video documentary 
    • Photographs (minimum 10)
    • Written summary 
    • Power Point slides with voice-over presentation
    • Audio recordings of individuals telling stories related to how the department supports their personal well-being (minimum 3)

A panel of judges from the ACEP Well Being Committee will judge all participants for meeting criteria in each goal/category, as outlined under individual Goal Criteria and Tips in the application. Group participation will be assessed as a percentage, not total number of participants. Winning teams will be notified by email, no later than May 31, 2018.  Prizes will be awarded based on completion of all goal as outlined in the application, effectiveness of each team’s project, and level of participation within the department.


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