Geriatric Care in the ED

These resources can help emergency physicians in the care of geriatric patients in the emergency department.

ACEP Resources
Geriatric Emergency Department Guidelines, 2013 policy statement
Geriatric Video Series

Non-ACEP Guideline Materials
The new AGS Clinical Practice Guideline for Postoperative Delirium in Older Adults (full and abstracted)  
funded by the John A. Hartford Foundation in support of the AGS Geriatrics-for-Specialists Initiative (GSI), provides essential guidance to clinicians to prevent and treat postoperative delirium in older patients. Sharon Inouye, MD, MPH, and Tom Robinson, MD, co-chaired the multi-specialty, multi-disciplinary expert panel responsible for the guideline.

Resources for Public Education
Delirium Overview from
Ask the Experts: Prevention & Treatment of Postoperative Delirium

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