Episode 1

From the Emergency Department to an Action Plan:

Guiding Anaphylaxis Patients toward Follow-up Care

Communicating with First-Time Anaphylaxis Patients:
Helping Patients and Families Understand Their Condition

We all know the first priority with every emergency medical case is to stabilize the patient. When it comes to treating anaphylaxis patients, emergency department physicians have an opportunity to help educate and get patients on a path to managing their severe allergies.

In this video, Ronna Campbell, M.D., from the Mayo Clinic, shares simple tips on how you can help to alleviate the confusion of anaphylaxis for both patients and families by educating them on the importance of avoiding their allergen and by showing them how to use an epinephrine auto injector if one is prescribed.


Ronna L. Campbell, M.D., Ph.D.
Emergency Medicine
Mayo Clinic Emergency

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